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Motorola Mobility History

Someone asked for a rundown of what happened to Motorola's mobile phone business over the years, here is I think an accurate timeline of the most important stuff:

2004: Motorola RAZR V3 flip phone launched, is by far Motorola's top selling phone of all time

2006: Motorola stock tanks 30% due to fading sales of RAZR and other flip phones

2006: Motorola Q (Windows Mobile smartphone) launched

2007: Apple iPhone smartphone is launched exclusive to AT&T, is massive unexpected hit

2007: Motorola lays off 3,500 (5%) of around 70,000 employees

2008: Pensions eliminated, no 401k match, salaries frozen, layoffs reach around 8,000 total

2009: Motorola Droid released exclusive to Verizon as an iPhone alternative (Motorola moves to all Android strategy)

2010: Droid is #1 selling Android phone, Motorola mobile business turns a profit

2011: Apple iPhone no longer exclusive, now sold by Verizon

2011: Motorola Xoom tablet launched

2011: Motorola Mobility spun off as separate company with 20,000 employees

2011: Motorola Mobility immediately posts massive losses, lays off 800

2011: Samsung overtakes Apple in global smartphone market share, becomes clear #1 Android manufacturer

2012: Google completes buyout of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

2012: Google lays off 4,000 (20%) of Motorola employees, announces move to new downtown Chicago headquarters

2013: Google lays off 1,200 (10%) of Motorola employees

2013: Google-backed Moto X launched as direct iPhone competitor at a similar price to Apple and Samsung's flagship models

2013: Low priced Moto G launched, becomes best selling Motorola smartphone, mostly outside of the US

2014: Google cuts price of Moto X and abandons attempt to directly compete with Apple and Samsung at the high end

2014: Motorola Mobility's move to downtown Chicago is completed, around 2,000 employees in Chicago

2014: Moto 360 smartwatch launched

2014: Lenovo aquires Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.9 billion, 3,500 employees worldwide

2014: Lenovo loses smartphone market share lead in China to Xiaomi

2015: Lenovo lays off 500 in Chicago (25%) and other Motorola employees elsewhere

2016: Lenovo announces fade out of Motorola brand in favor of "Moto" (for high end Motorola designed products) and "Vibe" (for cheaper Lenovo products)

2016: Moto Z launched

2016: Lenovo lays off up to 1,000 Motorola employees, around half of the Chicago total

2017: Lenovo is down to less than 1% smartphone market share in China

2017: Lenovo reverses decision to get rid of Motorola brand, ditches Vibe, uses Moto branding across all products

2018: Lenovo lays off around 200 employees including most of the engineering staff, bringing headcount in Chicago to significantly less than 1,000

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