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increase wages and incentives

I haven't received a raise nor have I haven't received a bonus this year. I have however been advised that work is slowing down and layoffs are possible. Last year work wasn't bad and I did get a bonus and a raise. The last 6 years have been some of the best years for my company, each year better than the previous with 2016 being our best ever.

2017, things started to go down for the company and we started to look at outsourcing more to reduce costs. Entire departments are now outsourced with potential layoffs happening in late 2018 or early 2019.

Unemployment may be low but that doesn't mean companies are hiring either. I have been getting out there early as I know my department will be gone soon yet while I am getting interviews, I don't get hired as I am over qualified for position and the wages being offered.

So even other companies aren't using the cuts to increase wages and incentives. At this point using myself as just the test case, roughly 20 companies haven't raised wages and incentives/bonuses to employees with the tax cuts and others are cutting staff. That seems counter productive to what the tax cut was designed to do.

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