Thread regarding Breeze-Eastern Corp. layoffs

Not good at all

Look around and you'll notice that our managers are not that great - this goes all the way to the top... I believe there is a lack of true quality control and very limited long term strategic plan...

Things just happen and are not planned - the company does not invest into team building even though they praise that we are focused on each individual.

Turf wars between dpts are rampant and there is a ton of politics, you need to be careful about what you say and to whom. While all of this is playing out at Breeze Eastern, HR does nothing and will do everything possible to protect the management caste even though there are many cases where they should be helping and protecting the worker - and, keep in mind, there is nothing you can do about it - it's outside of your control...

Finally, my pet peeve, constant reorganizations - moving P&Ls and moving people around - changing reporting structure and all of that jazz... Pretty bad, long story short, I am not happy here and will, after 4 years here, move on very soon

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