Thread regarding McLane layoffs

I used to work in Temple

And we never had layoffs. This McLane is a great company to work for and they take care of the worker. As long as you work and you are focused on the task you will be fine. I am not aware of any layoffs, it's possible but I never hard of any. Sometimes it can be a bit bumpy on the beverage distribution side but other than that McLane is a fairly well oiled company.

If you still work there keep up the good work!

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Well as of 2019 they ARE LAYING OFF- BIG TIME!!!!!
They even make things up so they can get rid of the older employees or white employees (we havent figured that part out yet-it was either the age or the other that made them lie)
But they have done their part and now NO MORE being talked down to and yelled at and made to do the job of four when on your day off - duh, they have four to do your same job.........No wonder they are losing contracts right and left.

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