Thread regarding Babcock & Wilcox layoffs

Layoffs at B&W

Layoffs happen here way too often, it's like a trademark for B&W.

I know other places have them, but here it's way too often.

The company has no loyalty it it's employees - you spend 20 years here, and they can cut you in no time with no mercy. And sometimes it makes sense, a friend of mine is a technical designer they cut him. Then in less than six months he was rehired, his numbers went up. Then they cut him again, laid off in about 6 months after he was rehired. It's stupid and it's waste of money and the management at B&W should know better.

Also, if you join, watch out for nepotism - there is a ton of relationships between 'old timers' - they are all interrelated - friends, family, friends of friends, cousins of cousins, etc. Watch out for that as it's rampant at Babcock & Wilcox - you may not be treated fairly when it comes to raises, bonuses and promos. Just be careful.

Anyhow, layoffs and nepotism - that's the main theme. There are some other good sides - some managers are good and training can be ok depending on where you work - some groups do cool stuff etc. So, it's not all bad just watch out for yourself. Typing this on my phone and trying to do it quickly, so sorry for typos and other mistakes...

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