Thread regarding University of Southern California layoffs

How Southern Cal athletics got caught in college admissions scandal

Someone is going to prison...

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Shame on you. Nobody is going to prison. Parents were only doing what they were forced to do by the unfair and onerous admissions policies of these draconian universities. Something had to be done so that rich, spoiled, entitled, lazy kids could relish in the college experience. The universities should be prosecuted for setting unreasonably high admissions standards that normal YouTube star kids cannot meet. One thing does bother me though. I am incensed that kids were admitted on crew scholarships preventing truly talented athletes from attending school. When these kids graduate and take up careers in the crew industry, they will put crew companies at risk due to their lack of qualifications. Laws should be passed immediately lowering the bribe level to an amount reasonable enough so that all bad students - not just the rich - can buy their way into school. Otherwise the system is biased and unfair.

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