Thread regarding Strayer Education Inc. layoffs

Strayer has had growth in enrollment, and has laid-off MANY instructors.

Congratulations to crooked jerks, on your profits upon the back of the instructors and students who have put you there.

Been with them many years, and suddenly, dozens of us have had no new classes. That's fine with me, as the more ignorance-oriented they became the more I looked for a way out. So, thanks for that push.

Should be fun to watch as an actual director take power of the DOE in 2020. Can't wait to watch the fireworks as your scheme to lure many low-education, poorly informed clients into your funnel as your Queen Latifah, (her educational resume is "After high school, Queen Latifah attended classes at Borough of Manhattan Community College.") and Steve Harvey (Never graduated from any college: "Shortly after high school, he attended Kent State University and West Virginia University and was a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity") model of "higher education" hits the wall of credibility.

Your days may be numbered as the Student Loan scam bubble pops in the next few years. Can't happen fast enough.

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