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Outsourcing / Jacksonville Closed

In January 2019 most of the IT department in it's Connecticut office was outsourced to India.

When you went to lunch 30 to 40% of the employees were Indian and a few from China.

US citizens formerly had these jobs, but thanks to the Visa Program that Trump is against these jobs are now outsourced out of the USA.

On 6/26/2019 Voya just announced they will be closing their Jacksonville office and moving those jobs to Phoenix AZ where they got a tax incentive to build an office and business costs are cheaper (you cannot blame them for this one)

They have be outsourcing a lot of employees just to save money and loaded up those that stay with every increasing workloads on non overtime positions.

This company could care less about it's employees and in my opinion are increasing their ROI #'s to eventually sell the company.

There was an buyout offer from AIG rejected last year. It is funny how the now CEO is the former CEO of AIG.

They have been selling off the more risky assets to make the company better suited for a buyout.

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This is a disgusting company with immoral leaders. Some of them regularly see prostitutes!!!

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Clueless management. The newly recruited C suite management are a–holes and worth less than the toilet paper you use to wipe you a–!

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Maggie b–ch and entire voya management is clueless and they’ll get theirs when the time comes.

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No surprise here. The hatchet job lead by Maggie Parent continues. Avoid Voya at all costs - do not buy any of their products or invest in their 401k, never work for them in any capacity. This is a disgusting sick pack of senior “leaders”

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