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What happened with CompuCom

I was with CompuCom for several years. It was a great place to work when I first came on board. New sparkling contracts and lots of cash on hand to seek out new clients. It just could not maintain momentum when competing with a growing competitive marketplace. Somehow upper management and the sales force could just not bring down the cost of doing business and negative buoyancy since that time has driven the company toward crush depth. The evidence of investors vomit on the floor when the announcement of OD buying CompuCom appeared should have been a red flag. I believe the partnership between OD and CompuCom is about as tumultuous as the marriage between Mike Tyson and Robin Givens. CompuCom can throw as many people off the plane as deemed necessary to lighten the load but the fire trucks and NTSB are already on station.

Well stated @YXj0jPO-fopc . Couldn’t agree more.

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CompuCom is like a camel with it's head in the sand and OD is just as bad. They value the customer on a pedestal and value the front line workers like a worn out rug. Once its been beaten enough times, you just toss it and get another cheap one. They are starting to be embarrassed by their lack of respect for their workers , and outside companies looking to do business are going elsewhere. This formula will spell doom, and real soon. The Corona virus meltdown for businesses teetering on the edge , will push them into oblivion.

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Ditto! Sad but true and Mick Slattery is not the answer.
Jerry (CEO) of OD - is a joke with an evangelist mentality that should be held accountable for what HE has done - failed to perform during a period when most stock are on fire!!he should be next to go!!

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I along with 20 others were dumped. Management has got some real problems. I had been with them 16 years

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Since installing a revolving door of short sighted, selfish executives calling the shots CC has gone down hill.

So much experience and insight has been driven off, or abandoned for a SC HQ that struggles to find qualified employees.

This is a result of bad choices at the highest levels leading to poor oversight of incompetent employees.

No wonder OD is seeking options to liquidate CC before Q3 results ruin the fiscal year.

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