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warning Gbr rolls through layoffs yearly

warning Gbr rolls through layoffs yearly. Upper mgmt from the stay here long enough and you get promoted regardless of skill set or ability. From their high school grad telemarketer made president. it gets ugly moving down from there- even functioning retarded. My first budget meeting coming from a true corporate culture, it was more like joe;s fix it shop going around the room with them begging help from the first day managers' not understanding budget projections. So they have big bold plans that the industry has seen this movie over and over until their on suppliers dictate to them how they will run the company. Second quarter comes in and numbers wont make project-layoff for couple weeks budget fit now try to hire the good ones back, I was laid off 12/7 and the begging started right away to come back in a week or two, i have much much more proof - idiots started laying off qt different times..mirrored hard drives, copies of all communications about who what how to secretly dump a slacker without getting sued. A very frightend company when it comes to records i will be posting soon. When wage and hour gets through wit all the violations, act 2 will be for the IRS and then im sorry but I must drop the big one proof of felony tinkering with values, more latter. Amazing what you get running your PC all through their week network and copy copy copy, Going to be fun. Soory Graybar but your old, slow and your old outdated ways of stealing and book manipulation should finish you off. Better than a slow bleeding dinosaur. You will thank me one day, I wont accept crying from direcrors or managers. once your implicated be a man for the first time ans stand up boys. Better to die like men. Im sorry for scares I put into my Industrial Director but I had to show my crew what a coward he is. Ditto for chicken little District VP. Drunken managers expose themselves to new employees only to have him look to me for what to do. I said fire them on the spot. well , tears ...hand wringing and finally hide. Sales top pay - under 50k tops, most base salary low 30's. A midsized 6k employee carrer sink hole.

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