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Okay, the place is proposing to run during high demand periods for how ever many hours at $28m per year. I'm just curious about what they propose to do with us when they're NOT running. I don't think making hot peppers and drinking premium coffee in the kitchen is an option. Then, on top of it all, they are supposed to be bringing in some of their own people to run and maintain the place. Who do you think will get the layoffs first when they inevitably come?Enormous hourly wages are done, double time is done, getting paid for the time to eat the single meal allowance they give you is done, 3 guys cleaning oil coolers during an outage is done, prime rib dinners and a football game on Sundays are done, a grocery bag filled with half the menu from the local Chinese restaurant and 2 boxes of Ding Dong's to eat during your 8 hour shift is done, ... and if you guys are lucky you'll work somewhere around 6 months a year and make $40k so be financially prepared! The unspoken truth of all of this is that 320 wants this because there is no shame (or even guilt for that matter!) where dues come from each week. If there ends up being a 5 year contract or longer with Central Hudson then it may work for you but if your working somewhere NOW that has more stability, a hint of longevity, and you might actually be HAPPY then why leave?! I saw a lot of guys lose a lot and deal with a lot after the strike, I'd just hate to see history repeat itself. With the best of intentions...Good Luck.

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