Topics regarding layoffs at DCP Midstream Partners L.P.

Topics regarding layoffs at DCP Midstream Partners L.P.

Good luck...

While they may still have jobs, I am woeful for the remaining staff, unless there are plans to idle plants and gathering systems. The Voluntary Separation Package from last year cut into the bone regarding staffing and efficiency; I can only... —  read more 

Goldsmith Plant

I currently work for DCP at the Goldsmith Plant. We were informed that there will be 300 employees laid off. I spoke with an engineer, from Denver, that was laid off and he said at least they received a small compensation package upon termination... —  read more 

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Dark Clouds Are Gathering Again

Today it's all about greed for these big corporations and the lies they sell to the worker are demeaning but they don't give a damn.They don't do all the dirty work at these terminals (propane) in all sorts of nasty weather year round. Don't forget... —  read more 

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2016 DCP Midstream Layoff

DCP Midstream started LayOffs March 11, 2016. Employees were told that layoffs would continue and firing would continue for some time. Management has said time and time again that there would be no more layoffs. Bonuses were awarded so upper... —  read more 

Layoffs in Oil Industry

Just look at this site about layoffs in all upstream and midstream companies - there are thousands of messages on many boards here. It's crazy. WFT, SLB, HAL, BP, Shell, you name it - you will find it here. I think we will have a very difficult 2015... —  read more 

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2015 Layoffs at DCP

Do you know if you will be having layoffs any time soon? Also, are you hiring right now? I have 20 years of experience and I was recently let go so I am looking at any other options as many companies are having layoffs in 2015. Please let me know.

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