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Layfoffs and Hiring

Feb 27, 2014 I was one of the employees that was laid off. What I would like to know, is why are there over 100 positions they are now hiring for and many for the positions that employees were laid off for? I know, it's to save a buck!!! —  read more 

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Any updates here?

I hear we might be reorganizing

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flagstar bank layoffs

things are improving and i hope that we are done with flagstar bank layoffs. reorg again in sept 2014 or jan 2015.

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600 man man

So, what do we know so far, 600 people were cut, should generate 50 million in savings for the company, most of the saved money will then be redistributed to the senior executives in form of different bonuses they take every year. Michigan state... —  read more 

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Customer Service Representatives Downsized

I cam confirming that at least 6 CSRs were let go yesterday, I used to work at Flagstar but left a couple of years ago - my friends are reporting big cuts at Flagstar, CSRs are hit in the purge.

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Looks like all levels were included in cuts

From CSrs to executives. All depts affected too, I see accountants to legal to sales. I suppose when the CEO focused half the business on mortgages, which basically is over, you're going to have to make cuts.

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Troy Cuts

All cuts in Troy?

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Constant Downsizing

Are you guys not tired of the cuts, we cut 1/3 of all folks last year, now 300 more, when is this going to stop.

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Refinancing boom is over - Flagstar back in red

the numbers are not good, three quarters in the row. Things will continue to go south, there is no way the interest rates will go down, and RE is becoming increasingly expensive. Flagstar was doing fine in 2012, 2013 was not good and we'll see... —  read more 

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Flagstar Bancorp Inc

Flagstar Bancorp Inc. (Headquarters located in Troy, Michigan) told financial analysts Wednesday that it plans to shut up to nine of its bank branches by year's end, with most of the closings likely to occur in Michigan. Layoffs will be immanent and... —  read more 

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