Topics regarding layoffs at Invitae Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Invitae Corp.

Inflated Salary

Invitae paid employees salaries that are not sustainable. One should ask question if a Engineer is paid > 200K and how is this going to be sustained for long period of time. Invitae reckless spend and inflated salary is the cause of failure

Mass Layoff

They have laid off 1,000 people today. I am a top performer and I was laid off. Invitae is definitely not going to be around for much longer. They have a cash runway until end of 2023. Good luck to everyone!

Layoffs in 2022 Coming?

Stock is diving and survival with Wall Street is directly dependent on profitability. Easy way to cut costs is to lay off employees May be wise to look elsewhere while the job market is strong. Comments?

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