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Can any one tell me if neos technologys can find vibranium. We have consession in wackanda

Neos shares tips for missed paychex

Among other suggestions, Neos HR Support Program's "Managing your finances during a multi month period of missed paychex" pamphlet suggested that geoscientists pick up a babysitting gig, hold a garage sale or serve as a "mystery shopper." “While it... read more

Website gone = company gone

The Neos website is gone and is now inhabited by someone else, so I think the company is finally done. Anyone in a position to confirm or deny?

Chapter 11?

Is this company still in existence? Inquiries via email and phone are not answered. We are interested in purchasing several library data surveys, but cannot determine whom to contact.

Shame on this forum and former employees

Recently, a former employee (and frequent poster on this website, given the matching writing style) impersonated a current NEOS employee by opening a fake email account with a variant of their name and proceeded to send a derisive and inflammatory... read more

Chairman's Sales Scorecard

Our executve chairman told us he was a great salesmen when he bought into neos in 2014. Lets take a look at his performance projects for majors - ZERO projects for independents - ZERO projects for national oil companies - ZERO projects for mining... read more

Ceo resigns

We’re not being told much other than operations are being wound down. I guess this board was right - the end is near.

Happiest aprils foolish days

​Our favoritest foolish neos dreams Sign employee contracts guarantying for no more layoffs Drills best nequen well ever, bcame 2nd largest arg producer Discovery 10 bbbls 20,000 m below kaspian in kazmunistan Doubles productons at our $1B amazon oil... read more

Correcting company description

does anyone know how to update the company description? the LayOff description says the neos principle office is in houston, but neos shut that down along with its infamous silicon valley office in californias central valley. the only remaining neos... read more


in my first months on the jobs I spent lots of moneys on private jets, fancy hotels, image consulants, ir advisors, bankers, lawyer, massaeusers and new webcite - all was wasted. apologies to family and oligarchy friends for my frivolis wastage i... read more

Massive fraud

Sounds familiar to our friends at neos - “The Theranos story is an important lesson for Silicon Valley,” said Jina Choi, director of the SEC's San Francisco regional office. “Innovators who seek to revolutionize and disrupt an industry must tell... read more

My Way or the Highway

And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. Regrets, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention. Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew, when I bit off more than I could chew. And through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it... read more

Interview request

John, jim, kourtney, david We’re trying to follow up on this acquisition. Get some comments on how things are going, how neos has parlayed its “world... read more

Tick tock, 30 days to lights out

Jonathon told us we had to become self funding by the end of Q1. Thats only 30 days away. Given where things stand with projects and potential customers I dont see that happening. Good luck to all. What a long strange trip its been!

Criminal charges

Any suggestion on potential charges against managment or the board? Not paying employees\venders Fraud related to the failed fugro acquisiton Tax evasion The last ceo was sued by largest shareholder

Fact checking fameman article

lets review jonnys 2015 reuters interview for accuracy and success the original article - excerpts and comments LONDON, June 26 2015 (Reuters) - One of the three founders of pioneering British online grocery retailer... read more

E&P division

How is this business doing? I know there were big expectations to raising a couple hundred million, hiring a big name ceo, getting choice acreage and jettisoning the Services group. But I haven’t read anything regarding funding, executive hires or... read more

Project Ohio

Uh oh. Wasnt project ohio going to be one of the big wins for neos and its majical oil finding technology? Another dumb idea brought to neos managment from an outside swindler. Luckily for him the neos grocerers and macro traitors thought it was... read more

We knew we was doomed

When jonny got on the bbc (though this seemed more like tmz or ellen) and spouted this nonsense. Oh jonny you embarrassed us all

Tempissed Capital

Looks like the neos debacle wiped out tempest the largest investor in neos and home to acting ceo jonny fameman and hisflunky leiutenant hanz. There website no longer exists and some other tempest capital now out there but clearley different. Neos... read more

2 US offices closed

Only denver remains Failure to pay rent contributes to evictions Displaced staff meeting in coffee bars Noneed to worry about client data on unsecured networks Because there are no clients

Swish swish

Hey Jonny Your game is tired You should retire You're 'bout as cute as An old coupon expired (woah, woah) And karma's not a liar She keeps receipts

Tuff times for passport

This guy used to be neos biggest investor. Sounds like the neos bet went the same way some other recent ones did. At least he sold his chunk of neos before it lost all value to the current chairman and now largest shareholder... read more

Tax reform brings riches to employees

since tax reform passed in the usa weve seen companys start passing along the riches to there hard working employees. apple and walmart have given bonuses. wells fargo has boosted salarys. visa and aflack have increased their 401k matches neos has... read more

Success of argentina wells

Anyone know if these wells were ever drilled? Struck bountiful quantities of oil? I worked on these blocks and like others who had alook wasn’t optimistic. I know neos was trying to avoid the block committments but never herd if they were forced to... read more
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Oil prices up. Kazakhs want their money

Neos can sell some desk chairs to pay its share Oil price growth to positively affect Eurasia project: KazMunaiGas 01/10/2018 | 05:21pm CET Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 10 By Ali Mustafayev - Trend: The expected growth in oil prices in 2018 will positively... read more

How many geos?

Out of the dozen who remain how many are practicing geoscientists? Throw out the accountants, lawyers admins and managment types-maybe 5?

Armored trucks full of gold

Does anyone know how many armored trucks full of gold neos found in 2017? I missed that stat in there annual report and couldn’t fimd it on the lockheed martin website... read more

Ominous view for exploration spending

this from reuters offers a dim outlook for neos “Despite the strongest start for oil prices in four years, the world's top oil companies are set to cut spending on oil and gas exploration for a fifth year in a row in 2018 According to consultancy... read more
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$85 million in cash or bitcoin

Neos share of the eurasia project. Hands will send it via courier by the end of the week
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2017 annal reveiw

dearest shareholders neos is proud to report 2017 results we continued momentum of last couple years during 2017 we failed to close significant projects left existing customers in limbo do to lacking neccessary software and staffs failed to close cgg... read more

holiday layoffs

Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a louse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Jnicolas soon would be there. The workers were all nestled all snug in their... read more

Wikipedia page removed

Interesting that the neos page that had been on wikipedia for years was recently removed. I dont think ive ever seen a company just erase itself like that. I guess neos is embarassed about it’s terralliance roots and it’s lack of recent... read more

Cyber monday

Ignore those 1* customer reviews. Current owners will pay YOU to take this off there hans. Name your price plus youll get a $50 amazon gift certificate

Yearend bonus

looking forward to big yearend payout. I here the board has voted to pay us the 2016 bonus hands promised but never paid plus 2017 bonus plus 3 months delayed salarys all in the next few weeks. Do’nt know about you but im going to diseneyland

2018 for neos?

Will we ever close the funding round that has been underway for 2-plus years? Will a conuzed invester step into fund the cash flow deficit drvien by zero sales? Will oil be discovered on the goat pastures neos holds in argentIna or kazhackstan? Will... read more

Doubt we see another paycheck

Clearly issues with the bond which we’ve heard would close soon for more than a year. Investors dont want to fund neos given bad market, managment, technology or all of these. The shortterm bridge loan guys have disappeared and existing investors... read more

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