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Tesla debt postponed until Elon planned his exit

Elon hyped up, pumped up, built up, Tesla to sell it and get himself out filthy rich at exactly the right time. He postponed the $10B of debt to later years when he would be gone. Unfortunately, his plan failed. In addition to that failure, pump and dump schemes worked on publicly traded companies are illegal with the SEC. Unfortunately, that $10B of debt is coming as billion dollar payments for the next ten years. Solar City debt (600M) is due in November. Tesla has never made a yearly profit. They have lost money every year of their existence. Do you think they will have a billion in cash laying around each year for the next ten years to pay their debt? Good old Elon fixed the deal for someone else to take the debt and the blame. Unfortunately his plan failed and he belongs behind bars for k–ling Tesla with his own greed.

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Have fun with your memorabilia when the EV competition starts soon and the debt comes a knocking.

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I own the car

Dont work there, dont own stock

I love the product - nobody is even close

So, maybe he planned to rob the bank, but while doing so an amazing car(s) was built

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