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Proviso yard and Chicago in general has the best railroaders on planet Earth,

Proviso Yard and Chicago in general has the best railroaders on planet Earth, flat switch, build any length train in mind blowing time, qualified passenger conductors dealing with public one day, moving freight the next in the hottest, coldest temps anywhere.

Anyways Omaha is completely oblivious to the CONSTANT sabotage occurring to purposely limit freight movements, you have people who have NO business stepping onto railroad property let alone flipping burgers making critical decisions regarding everything from hiring, power needs, rule enforcement, train makeup and scheduling, I've been there since 2004 and my hand to the almighty it's like railroad candid camera I'm hoping somebody just comes from behind an engine or shed and says "GOTCHA"...

EVERY TIME big wigs come into town their lied to, about.....

Everything and shown only what was cleaned up hours earlier. 15 minute speech to back a train up 50 yards to a joint otherwise 15 college aged kids jump on you, hiring folks who don't belong driving uber cars and murdering people using fmla everyday lazier than a homer Simpson Teamster are only excepted, on and on and on...

The hardest workers drilled upon until they can't take it anymore, the laziest pieces of sh– rewarded and untouched even given shout outs on breathing in and out while f—ing the railroad in the ground...I dunno... who f—ing cares anymore.

The BN will eventually be the king's of Chicago because they railroad they give a f— about employee clubs or giving presidential speeches for simple train movements, hire people with real resumes and didn't eat lead paint as kids...

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BNSF psr 2020 it’s coming. Their carloadings are down 5% Ytd.

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I only know Union Pacific in Chicago, if the rest of the railroad is as mid managed as Chicago is I’m surprised it’s still in buisness. They waste millions on 1 stupid idea after another. The BNSF is building for the long term, Union Pacific ain’t.

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Union Pacific in Chicago we were out there in winter it got 50 below zero we out there

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BNSF is the king of Railroads

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