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Walmart Vision Center Layoffs

Why only Pharmacy? What I don’t understand is why didn’t they cut off in the Vision Centers also?

They sit around all day long staring at customers as they walk by.

The vision center could cut half of their staff and customers wouldn’t even miss them.

If half of their staffing was cut the customer service wouldn’t suffer one bit.

They could then use that staff to help in the pharmacy.

At the very least vision center associates could help out some in the pharmacy.

One or two extra techs in the pharmacy would probably increase profits more than the entire vision makes.

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They have already cut most vision centers to the bare minimum. We don’t even have enough staff to not only cover if someone is out sick or on PTO but then we get pleas from other stores who need help and can’t help them out. While it may look like they are “just sitting around” I can assure you that 99% of the time the staff is busy doing things you can’t see. We have to work harder to build our business because we get no help from WM, I.e. advertising, to help build it. So no, we work hard for what we have to get done.

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Maybe that’s how it is at your store! My opticians actually work! And assist patients and our doctor partner. My vision centers the largest part of store profit. But I agree cross training would be nice however we are Licensed optical professionals there a difference between licensure and certified tech.

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