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New Fleet

Just got 10 new tractors (2 axles) and 10 new trailers (with liiftgates) why are we swapping out the rentals we’ve been using for nearly 2 years for brand new Mondelez equipment if DSD exit is imminent? We aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

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Then why are they all 2 axles?
Why aren’t the trailers 53 footers with swing doors?
The trailers we received ALL have liftgates and are ‘24 and ‘48 footers. Do you know the difference between delivery trailers and transport trailers?

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Because we aren’t going out of business, just leaving dsd! We will still need to transport product to some warehouses, sub jobbers, etc!
“Anytime soon” is a relative term. I would not count on it to mean much longer, our end is very near!

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