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Kellogg stock

Kellogg was 88! Dollars before dsd ended, the stock was strong. Now it’s at 54 dollars after 2 years!!!!! Warehouse isn’t working at all!!!! The elves have empty shelves.

DSD ending in 2020

Let’s see what the organization does with this post! Since they have had posts removed that were untrue.....warehouse coming!!

Let’s just lay it out there!

Retailers are phasing out dsd! It’s been in the works for some time now! Mondelez senior management is well aware of this and have been making their own adjustments to accommodate a new warehouse distribution. The rally meetings were held to try to... read more

Mass exodus

Here we go.....lost two PT merchandisers this week!! Two FT merchandisers asked me for a reference!! The wheels on the Mondelez bus won’t be going round and round much longer, probably going to be falling off! So much for the Rally meetings! Smart... read more

Such shocking news! Not.

Dirk Van de Put is fourth on the list of most overpaid CEOs for 2019. I'm sure many of the employees - especially those who have been laid off recently so Mondelez could save money - are shocked by this. /end sarcasm... read more

Disappearing text......

So anyone know what happened to the post that mysteriously disappeared????? Someone not like if? Just kinda curious....wonder whose on this site?

7 new trailers

We just got 7 new trailers dropped off to our warehouse over the weekend (with liftgates) When should I hit send?


I’ve been watching this website for sometime and it’s a joke. Same 3 people going back and fourth over c-ap no one knows nothing about. Keep guessing, both sides don’t know anything.

DDS positions replaced with SIM

Over the past few weeks, the company has transitioned away from the DDS structure and has introduced a new position called the Sales Initiatives Manager. Here is a list of their assigned duties. DMI Selling and execution Training on systems Labor... read more

Nabisco cheerleader

If you could give advice to the nabisco cheerleader on here what would it be. I think it would be real hard to give advice to the nabisco cheerleader because reality isn’t an option for the nabisco cheerleader what would be your advice for the... read more

Mondelez sales slip 2.8% in Q4 2018

Mondelez quarterly sales slip 2.8 pct By Reuters January 30, 2019 | 04:14PM Jan 30 (Reuters) - Oreo cookies maker Mondelez on Wednesday reported a 2.8 percent fall in quarterly revenue due to weakness at its international business that covers Europe... read more

Do the math!

So maybe it’s time to take a quick fact check as to where things are; WM is CAO Kroger is CAO in some areas and rolling it out across this country by end of Q1. Mondelez has closed a number of branches across the county and focusing on mega... read more

Hit Send?

Trolls on this site told me to “Hit Send” like 2 years ago, our branch just broke ground to expand our yard for the fleet of new tractors AND trailers that are coming this spring to better our DSD service. So, to all you Einstein’s on here, should I... read more

One more huge red flag people

Had a driver share with me today that they are pushing all the drivers to get certified in “double triple”. Asked what that was, two or three semis connected, just like UPS does. Hummm, wonder why? Since they now doubled the size of the West Chester... read more

No restructuring this year

I guarantee there is no restructuring this year for us. What are they going to do.....lay-off more reps and give us each 20 stores? I just don’t see that happening. These routes need to be smaller to allow us to focus more on each store versus... read more

Walmart nos orders

Anyone notice that there's big nos orders in your Walmarts? It says holiday conversion!! It ought to say converting to warehouse. Looks for us to be out of Walmart soon!

Pepsico to acquire Mondelez

3) Mondelez (MDLZ) : Don't expect robust activity in the packaged goods space, but Cramer would not be surprised if Pepsico Inc. (PEP) were to pick up snack maker Mondelez International Inc. (MDLZ) now that Pepsico has a new CEO. Pepsico's snack... read more

Strange coincidence? Think Not!

Kroger is building a 335,000 sq ft, 55 million dollar warehouse in Monroe. This is three exits north of the ever expanding WC DC. Put two and two together people! Not too difficult to figure out, if the truth is what your after.

Corporate Greed

They care about one thing and one thing only 💰. Corporate greed. We’ve become so micro managed it’s impossible to do our jobs. They will continue with the smokescreen and “one team” campaign in an attempt to take the focus off the obvious. Know they... read more

Exactly what we (don't) need right now

Mondelez International Inc. is working with Morgan Stanley as it studies a bid for Arnott’s Biscuits, the Australian maker of Tim Tams, and Danish butter-cookie producer Kelsen Group, people familiar with the matter said... read more

Nay Sayers

For those of you who are head strong that dsd is here to stay.... How’s that working out for you having to work Tates now? Oh wait, we’re not. Have you noticed how many box trucks that delivery to smaller accounts are rented? Penske. Company no... read more

Selling off divisions is a part of doing business

Companies sell off divisions all the time! It’s a part of doing business. Ask yourself, it is most profitable to do so when numbers at the bottom or top? Stupid point people. Keebler cookies and crackers are up, this decision would be done to focus... read more

Keener for sale

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) — Battle Creek-based cereal giant Kellogg says it is thinking of shedding its cookie brands, including the popular Keebler brand. Kellogg says in order to focus on its core businesses, it may try to sell the Keebler, Famous... read more

Restructuring in January 2019

According to the quarter 3 earnings call the CEO said restructuring will be in full effect JANUARY 2019. We will here about it all I’m sure at sales rep rally’s with our regional management teams. Just like the Walmart orders bomb they dropped on us... read more

How many?

How many of us are only staying with Mondelez because we are hoping to be laid off with severance? Just wondering if the number is as high as I think it is...


Why would we trust this company. Mondelez lies about timelines constantly. Why would Kroger and Wal Mart go CAO ? Why are sales reps. Working more loads and not selling anything. Getting rid of DSD cannot happen overnight. It takes years for this to... read more

Our jobs are not what they used to be

It is really sad that we have to always be on edge about our jobs. Our jobs are not what they used to be. We cannot plan our lives. We cannot buy anything that is expensive like a new house or new family car. Every time there is a Town Hall meeting... read more

Is Mondelez going warehouse delivery?

My Walmart manager showed me that he can order all our products now. It's in their ordering system. Same as Keebler items are now. He scanned other vendors and their items aren't in his system at all to order. Seems like something is going to happen... read more

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