Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Pretty sad, isn't it?

It's pretty sad when so many employees are practically begging to get a severance. The company really needs to do a self reflection and look inward to figure out why the majority of the employees do NOT want to work here any longer. It's not the... —  read more 

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Mission 1 News: The Best is Yet to Come

The goal of mission one is to make us the best DSD company in the country. Don’t you see that? Your sacrifices make it possible for us managers to sit at home all day and do nothing. we don’t care if you are burnt out, just do it so we don’t have to... —  read more 

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Why do you care?

Why do so many of you care what's going to happen? This company doesn't have a future, so all of you should already be looking for new jobs instead of worrying about this place. Even if you survive this reorganization, you won't survive the next cost... —  read more 

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replacing reps

you'll know the score for sure if you're in mission one now and when a rep leaves he or she doesn't get replaced in a reasonable time frame. they won't wait a whole year to move to mission 2.

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No money

Our 401K accounts are being so depleted because of the stock market Plunge there is not much money left this is a bad time to have to take money out a lot of us are screwed.

Can this end already?

I really wish this entire sh-t show would end now or sooner than later. If you want to get rid of sales reps, then get rid of them. If you want to go warehouse, then go warehouse. Whatever the fu-k your final agenda is, get it together, implement... —  read more 

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Info on restructuring

The rollout of Mission One is happening differently than previous restructuring. Instead of each region all going live at the same time, each region will have teams going Mission One at the same time. Balt/Wash is part of round one. SRs have... —  read more 

Anybody know when

If nothing else woukd like to know when my team gets affected. Im in Great Lakes East under what is currrntly a vacant RDR. Was hearing April but hearing they are going to start discussing our team in Oct. That just seems early if changes aren't... —  read more 

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Quiet quitting/quiet hiring

I'm gagging as I write this. So pretty sure we've all heard the term quiet quitting. That's what I'm doing, eff this company. I just read a putrid article about "quiet hiring." The pathetic article obviously put out by corporate America (Mondelez)... —  read more 

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Mission 3

Mission 2 is when they push all D stores to the warehouse program. Mission 3 is when they go full warehouse and have sales reps in the sense Keebler has now. The writing is on the wall. Time to get out whether you get laid off or not.

Terrible company

When I applied for a job here, I didn't have high expectations, but I didn't think this was such a terrible workplace. I haven't been here for long, so luckily I haven't wasted much time, and I'm trying my best to leave. Has there ever been a worse... —  read more 

Sales reps are goners!

A few years back I actually thought DSD was ending due to massive red flags. As the red flags continued to accumulate it became clear AF that DSD wasn't going away, sales reps are. I love these STUPID companies that let all their talent walk out... —  read more 


So we keep hearing that rural areas will be different. How so? Will they really have only some HST routes and leave the rural routes alone; complete with sales reps that aren’t high selling reps? Or do they plan to cover rural routes with FTOWs? —  read more 

Very bad timing

This company picked a very worst time to let people go. The 401K is so depleted there's nothing left of it almost. Also if you take a lump sum retirement the interest rates are so high now you will take a big hit on that. Guess they don't care about... —  read more 


My moral, motivation.and drive has hit rock.bottom. i cant believe I'm alone. Company is gonna regret dragging this out

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AZ CA Vegas Texas?

Anyone get laid off or info about future layoffs in Arizona, California or Texas? I have been with company for over 16 years and I have family members who also work for our company 😵‍💫

Mission 1s true meaning

Mission 1s true meaning is right in the title. It’s the first mission of many to inevitably end DSD. They know that this system will fail. And when it does, they will blame DSD as a whole and use it as a means to an end. This will cause cataclysmic... —  read more 

Best path...

The best thing you can do is to get fired right now! They may fight you on unemployment benefits but won't win. Unemployment benefits are much longer than their severance. I wish you all would have listened when you were warned, I did! Got fired... —  read more 

Strike like the bakeries

I woyld to see reps ban together and go on strike like the bakeries did. Just to stick it to them. This was a very big slap in the face to many. No reason to be scared. Your jobs are only safe until phase 2 kicks in.

Very Curious

Would like to hear exactly how process went to find out you were being let go, and what comminication occurred afterwardsas far as severence, insurance, 401, etc.


Reading some on Pepsico page. They appear to have a much better Severance package than what is being stated on our page

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Bottom line

Bottom line is it’s all politics. If you’re buddies with your DM he will fight to keep you. If you don’t kiss a-s or have a history with your boss it’s an easy phone call to let you go. Do you voice your opinion about the way the company does... —  read more 

Why the bitter comments?

I would understand the bitter comments if things were about to get better for those of us who are not affected. But why be happy that some will lose their jobs if those of us who are staying at Mondelez won't see any improvement of our work... —  read more 

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