Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Little Story

Hello, I am not in the U.S. or Sales but here is my story. After 33.5 years and still a few years from retirement I was terminated "without cause" prior to Christmas. No explanation other than it wasn't anything I did or performance related. 3 days... — read more 

Earnings Call next week

It’s scheduled for Jan 30th. Growth is predicted. What will that mean for us? How many people were laid off last year? Around 9000? Should we expect layoffs after the earnings call? I am worried. Economy doesn’t look good, there are not many... — read more 

Get those displays up!

Now it’s 6 displays must be averaged per territory this year to keep our jobs. You’re lucky to get 1 at a Walmart…. Especially with ftows not maintaining them or giving two craps. Hope you all have your plans for when you're let go next year. They... — read more 

1 year left

Well us sales reps have 1 more year at most. No structure changes this year and you can guarantee in 2025 all reps will be bought out. A few may be kept for new roles in the company but the majority will be gone. Take this next year to put plans in... — read more 


After almost 15 years, I am finally free. Put my notice in and turned everything in just in time for the holidays. You will never catch me saying one good thing about this company, some of the people, or encourage anyone to be employed here. I’ve... — read more 

Any changes

Do you guys think any changes will be made this year or will this firestorm continue? The only good thing is I think stores have adjusted to the sh---y service

Stupidest Sales Rep

How about if all of us order writers stop “helping out” these sales reps that are bashing us behind our backs. Write your own damn credits and take your own picture and stop acting like you’re our friends. Done with the bull in Bama!!

Cliff Bars???

Is it true we are going to have to order and stock Cliff Bars now??? I would bet there will be no more time added on to the merchandising schedule, and it's obvious there won't be anymore money, there never is with this company.


Hey guys.... I was suspended this past Friday. I kicked out of a Walmart earlier in the week. My RMS too my iPad, phone, and scanner. Any chance I would allowed to return????? Just throwing it out here..... Thanks Central NC

Back to work

Time to work those orders that delivered last Thursday. Hopefully todays deliveries will get worked before the weekend lol. Su-kers

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Got a call from a grocery manager that they got a delivery 5 dais ago and it’s still sitting in the back room, over the Labor Day weekend. They want service ASAP!!! Funny thing is, I haven’t worked at Mondelez for 6 years 😂. Found an old card, must... — read more 

Guinea Pigs

I hope everybody realizes the company fully intend to eliminate the entire sales force. They just didn’t want to rip the bandaid off all at once. Doing it incrementally gives them the chance to ease into it and let stores get used to the horrible... — read more 

California rep

Anyone from California who is an SR looking for a new job? Just curious is all. I know mission one may be working for some and others not so much. Just want to hear from other teams your thoughts on it. The expectations for us keep growing and... — read more 

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