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"clarity near the middle of the year on DSD."

CEO: Mondelez evaluating DSD as part of strategic review 2/2/2018 Mondelez CEO Dirk Van de Put said direct-store delivery has been "powerful" for the company's US biscuits category, but the company is performing a cost-benefit analysis to determine... read more


Everyone will be replaced. We're set-up just like Keebler. Stop believing what upper management is telling you. DSD is ending soon. Get out before your kicked to the curb. Start looking. Find what you want and don't settle.

There are no guarantees

A tell tale sign management is lying, is they are offering guarantees of our commitment to dsd. Who would do that? There are no guarantees in life, let alone the retail environment we currently live in! One that is evolving at a warp speed! It’s easy... read more

July 9th DSD Announcement

Reliable source has told me that a announcement on DSD will be made on July 9th. DSD will seize to exist by September 8th.

What has NABISCO became !

It don’t seem like the same job it once used to be. Changes are coming! Nabisco used to be a good place to work for and now it’s rough. This new CAO is crazy... they won’t you to upsell what Walmart don’t work. Walmart goal is to have 0 backstock... read more

End of 2017, April ‘18, now Sept ‘18?

First many in here said DSD would be done at the end of 2017, then April 2018, now it’s September 2018? When September comes and goes, and DSD is still happening, what’s the next date? Inquiring minds want to know!


Without giving out too much information I want to let you all know some facts. Our branch is about to embark on a major expansion that is going to be very costly that will take a year to complete to better help in DSD delivery. There’s also new... read more

Automation in the retail industry

All the other layoffs will pail in comparison with what will happen once automation is fully implemented in stores. It is expected it will leave 2.5 million American workers without a job per year! A bunch of that will be Walmart, higher-ups have... read more

DSD is an expensive relic from the past

DSD is the reason we don't make money in N.A. It's an expensive relic from the past. Unless your all willing to take a substantial pay cut. Think of it as you would think of coal for a primary energy source. I looked at the numbers, sales down... read more

DSD coming to an end within the next few months

It's a shame that this company isn't being honest! Store's are telling me that they're taking over ordering and merchandising within the next few month's. I'm not a troll either. I'm just someone that wanted to pass on the information that was given... read more


I’m wondering where all the trolls that said DSD was going to be over in April are at? Or did you mean April 2030?


2 of my stores. Are now ordering my product from unified yay!

we are exiting dsd

Anyone with even half a brain has to see what’s coming. Those that continue with the “we are too big”, and “my boss said”, are simply just not wanting to believe the inevitable. An exit from dsd has been in the works for some time, not just by... read more

Changes are coming!

No doubt something has to change. New CEO in place to shake things up, earnings are down even after all the personnel downsizing. All indicators point to an exit from dsd. About to end a strategic review. The “were too big” theory is laughable. We... read more

We are tanking

Seriously, our stock is at the lowest it has been in the last 52 week. But instead of fixing so many things that are obviously broken, I'm betting you the management's response will be to have more layoffs. Because layoffs have proven to fix... read more

Nobody wants to buy us

DSD “has been”, a thing of the past. In the end, it is ultimately up to the retailer to decide since the cost of dsd is built into their contracts, it’s certainly not free. Since most consumers get to choose what they buy, the retailers (wal Mart and... read more

Kellogg stock

Stock has dropped 17 dollars since keebler went away from dsd,it’s not working folks. As long as dsd if profitable, nabisco will stick to dsd. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Here come the haters saying I’m wrong, lol.


Mondelez practices classic age discrimination, getting rid of older workers and replacing them with younger, inexperienced and much lower paid ones. It is possible to survive at this company in your 40’s, but once you hit 50 your days are numbered... read more

"Fake News!!!"

This site is full of "Fake News" We're not going anywhere anytime soon! DSD is here to stay! Numbers are through the roof since Keebler exited DSD. We have a monopoly on snacks now! No way they'll pull the plug on us! Shame on the "Fake News" on... read more

Walmart CAO

Yes Conference call tomorrow about Walmart CAO here in the south. Starts in one week we were told Friday. First 3 week were told not to touch order. After that unclear how much we will be able to adjust without stores ok. Of course they want us to up... read more

Two plants closing

So, I know the two plants we are closing are in Brazil, but anybody else feels really uneasy about this? They are moving them to even cheaper parts of the country. So what does that tell you about the future of us here? Maybe I'm reading too much... read more

Changes coming by September New strategic plans in September 2018? The end of Q3 will be here before you know it. Might make the announcement in Q2 or early Q3

Former Nabisco Chicago - Employee Assistance

We are investigating and trying to help former or laid off Former Nabisco Chicago employees. We are interested in helping workers and former workers exposed to flavorings that have breathing problems. You can contact us via email at... read more

New Walmart bin system

Walmart grocery Mgr just informed me of their new binning system for CAO. We bin our product just like any of their stuff and it will be scanned before it leaves to be stocked on the shelf. Store has received DSD specific handhelds but have not gone... read more

Just one more it we need it!

Anyone know that Kroger charges vendors a "bin fee"? Kind of a rental fee for putting product in their warehouse. So the $60M distribution plant they just completed we helped pay for! Any vendor that wants in Kroger pays to warehouse their stuff... read more


Wow! Look at all the space at all the stores! Keebler only has cheez its, club is doing nothing. Nabisco has stuff in all stores and 70 percent of the aisle. Yeah, I’m sure stores have time to put up nabisco product.

Management will always lie

Who cares what Mondelez is "committed" to, management can, and will, always change their minds! Two years ago they had a regional meeting for us to tell us all the rumors of a possible downsizing were untrue. Three months later they let go of 1/3 of... read more

All dsd will be gone soon

Amazon plans to charge companies 5% of sales to stock their products. This is the end of dsd, not just Nabisco.

Just want to know

This wait and anticipation is becoming worse than the possible result. This has turned into a cruel and unusual punishment - for what, I don't know. What good does this prolonged wait do for anybody? If I'm going to be laid off, just let me know... read more

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