Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Domestic Death

In Syracuse, NY walk into a Wegmans and you’ll see multiple out of stocks and nothing on sale. Price Chopper does have some sales items but they’re not impressive. Between 20-25% of Mondelez’s business is domestic. Their strength is in global sales... —  read more 

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Lost sense of trust

It bothers me that I can't trust our leadership, but it bothers me even more that it is no longer possible to trust my colleagues either. This has become a very toxic environment. Backstabbing has become commonplace. How much trust do you have in... —  read more 

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How do you feel about the new Salesforce app with ordering and all that? We are suppose to go live in a few days with it. I'm indifferent. I like some aspect of it but overall not really a fan. Maybe it'll feel better with more practice.

Super Territories/May

Some reps are getting super territories here. Sounds like they will be starting them on May 1st. Unsure why the company is starting these changes in May, which is so weird compared to the usual April start date of changes.


It’s sad to hear all of the complaints although it’s probably common in a company as large as Mondelez. I think it all starts with management. I’m blessed to work on a diversified team with a fantastic manager. My manager is responsive, cares about... —  read more 

The privileged ones

It's hard for me to see how some are more privileged than others, and for no particular reason. They are simply superiors favorites. I have been been here for 12 years and I get treated worse than the new hire who was hired just a few months ago... —  read more 

Stop overworking us!

I made a mistake I would never have made had I not been overwhelmed with the work. No, it’s not hard working, it’s overworking. Every other employee here is on the verge of burnout. And they think productivity will be higher if they overload us... —  read more 

No more high hopes

I've decided to leave because the last conversation with my manager helped me to open my eyes and better understand that nothing will change for the better here. It's one of those moments when you realize you have no other choice but I am... —  read more 

What would you do?

I have see so many negative posts on this site, and very few positive ones. What would YOU, as an employee who is sorta of disgruntled but still sticking it out, do to change the seemingly toxic culture? Be specific and realistic. There’s always talk... —  read more 

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I don’t know about y’all but I am so grateful for my job. Gas prices are insane! So happy I work for a company that provides a car and gas card.

Oreo in Russia

To the one who posted about whether they will close the plant in Ukraine...come on now, you know better! Mondelez has proved by their actions, time and time again, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT ITS PEOPLE! Worst company I've ever experienced as to employee... —  read more 

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