Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.


Somehow I doubt management will be required to use PTO for covid. Guessing they will " work from home". Bend over. Another big thanks from the company


Preface this by saying that i dont know anything for sure, just guessing. Glen Walters made references to the Feb Town Hall and now we know it is Feb 1. If something were to change to sales I would look for a mandatory conf call in second half of... —  read more 


Whats everyones thoughts. Are we gonna see changes to sales soon. I know they referenced Feb Town Hall but changes are always announced on conf call , not a town hall.

Merry Christmas Mondelēz

Hey I just wanted to make this post just in case any senior management took a break from their overindulgent party in their exclusive gated community and thought to check this site to see what the latest word is from their unappreciative and... —  read more 

Holiday Greetings

Tis the season to get those bogus and fake holiday greetings and thanks. Only time of the year that we ever hear from these people and Im supposed to believe that they care that my family and I have a happy holiday. BS. Show it to me with more than... —  read more 


Sure sounds like somethings up. But keep hearing that RDR says no changes. Does seem weird that they mentioned Feb so openly. Normally it is a complete surprise. Hope something happens to sales. Current atmosphere is miserable.

Happiest day of my life

Finally left this terrible company today. Never been happier to leave something behind. And to all the senior management that I assume lurk on this site: You are out of touch with the real world. You are out of touch with your workforce. Only... —  read more 

What are surveys for?

Surveys are completely pointless! It is not at all clear to me what they are for. First, (almost) no one is ever honest in these surveys. Secondly, even if we all respond the way we really think to get a more realistic picture of the mood and... —  read more 

Tight A$$

So tired of this company. I see other companies showing appreciation to employees but Mondelez is still squeezing the blood out of us. Yes I know I could leave but hope to retire next year. Just so disappointed in what used to be a good job

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its a stretch i know to ask because everyone wants to be anonymous...but has any one on her tried to retire and had problems with fidelity? ive been in a circle for two months trying to get pension and i am running out of patience! any advice?

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