Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Bad treatment of employees

It feels like the managers at Mondelez are competing at who can treat their employees worse. Lying, bullying, and intimidation are only some of the many "management techniques" that have become the norm here. I'm honestly scared of finding out what... —  read more 

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Dsd is totally optimized

First day of dsd optimization update from somewhere in the southeastern u.s.: Inept DM forgot to send out schedule for all D stores. Inept DM forgot to send out updated contact information for a new combined territory with all new faces. Inept DM... —  read more 


That’s the worst thing. What benefit do I get from remembering how it used to be better? There are people who constantly talk about how it used to be, and how it is now, I noticed that on this forum as well. Such nostalgia makes it harder for them... —  read more 

Lost passion

I have always dreamed of doing the job I do. When I got my dream job in this company, without any great previous experience, I was thrilled. At the time, I didn’t pay much attention to minor details that could be better in this company because I was... —  read more 

People are pathetic

I understand that the situation is difficult and that many are worried about jobs, but sometimes I really don’t understand young people who are so apathetic and negative, they think that any company (including Mondelez) is there only because of them... —  read more 


I've noticed that people who work at Mondelez either love it or hate it, there is no middle ground here. Some will ardently defend it even when there is nothing to defend and others will find faults even in the few good moves the company makes... —  read more 

Exit plan?

Lately, whomever I’m talking to, everyone’s making plans to get out of here. Do I feel fine here - nope, because Mondelez now is no longer the company I started working for, but honestly, I don’t even know where I would go. I'm slowly considering... —  read more 


Seems to be a large number of people that got denied. With just a little effort seems there could have been some shuffling and honored those willing to accept offer and at same time saved jobs of others. Not familiar with this stuff but might be a... —  read more 

Make it make sense

I was let go been with company 20 years no real reason to why I was chosen, but the rest of my team got their new territories and I find out they are smaller than what I'm working right now. So how does laying off 2 to 3 reps per team equal smaller... —  read more 

To those denied

Curious to hear experiences of those who signed EOI and were denied. I have nearly 30 years most of which were pretty successful. I was never even told that I was denied. Just told what territory will be. Seems to me almost a type of discrimination... —  read more 

Left without notice?

Someone has already written in one of the threads that this is exactly how they left the company - without notice. Honestly, I am currently in a situation where it would be most convenient for me to leave Mondelez without any notice. However, apart... —  read more 

Share your opinions...

Take a few minutes and post your opinions of working at Mondelez on Glassdoor. This information and flagging Mondelez for their toxic work environment may save someone else the heartache. Abusive managers, discriminatory behavior that has been... —  read more 

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Terrible place to work

Was a time I was proud. Now I'm embarrassed working for the worst dsd company out there. Got my EOI declined and got my 1 % raise today. Big thanks. 10 months and I'm gone. To all of you younger people. Get out.

Thinking twice about it

I’m working on an exit plan to leave. That being said, has anyone just quit without having anything to fall back on? Like a “leap of faith” that things will work out in the end. The stress level here has gotten so bad I’m actually considering it. But... —  read more 

Shock tactics

That is how this company rolls. There's never any notice to massive changes. They send you an email or a text that there's a region call, usually day of, that's your notice. I remember when we bought Cadbury. The Cadbury rep sent me a text... —  read more 

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