Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Ruh Roh! Look who got caught!

Also settling with the city is Mondelez International’s Bakery at 73rd & Kedzie. The business is accused of failing to provide paid sick leave to 465 employees. As a result, the business must pay a fine of nearly $100,000 and nearly $500,000 in... —  read more 

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The new job is awful...

I was unlucky. It turned out that the new company I went to after Mondelez wasn't much better at all. The situation is really bad. However, guess what, I still wouldn’t go back here. How much worse must a new company be for people to want to return... —  read more 

Used to be a great job!

Working here used to be great. The positions were coveted, it was hard to get hired, and we were treated decent. Now we'll take ANYONE. We're scraping the bottom of the barrel, and we'll take ANYONE that applies. Well, that is if you can pass... —  read more 

Working here sucks!!!

I hate working here! Save any negative comments, I'll leave when I feel like it. The managers are terrible people, and make some employees lives miserable. I like the job the few times a year when they aren't working me to death. I've worked here... —  read more 

Direction: unknown?

Where is this company going anyway? How does the leadership see this company in a few years? Unfortunately, it seems to me that they have no clear direction at all. To expect anything good when leadership has no vision is too naive. People are... —  read more 

Any new news???

It's been a while since anyone has posted any new "red flag" info. Does anyone have anything new to share? A coworker of mine told me just today of a bunch of info they had received of impending change, but refused to elaborate on what the... —  read more 

Working off the clock

How to survive 12-hour shifts? How much longer will you be able to endure such conditions? I'm at a breaking point. I feel horrible that I didn’t start looking for a new job much earlier, but it’s better to get out of here late than never. I'm... —  read more 

Needs to said.

When the pandemic started last year the company did right by letting us have control of our territories as far as ordering and taking care of business as we know how to do. I'll admit some are better than others at it but at least we pushed through... —  read more 

Interview tomorrow morning

Have an interview tomorrow morning and hope it goes my way. Would love to leave this under paying company. Q1 results they show positive growth and we get fu@$ with objectives. Way to take money out of my pockets.

Leave, leave, leave

Working at Mondelez is not doing any good to your career or your image. This is an absolutely horrendous place to work and you will realize just how bad it is as soon as you change jobs, no matter which company you move to. It simply doesn't get any... —  read more 

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