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A brood of vipers!

The company announced on 3.19 that they would be providing disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies. Its 3.28 and I have not received anything yet. The company also told newspapers that sales reps we are getting $150... —  read more 


I’ve heard from some merchandisers who are experiencing symptoms that mangers are not even returning phone calls! Not a single PPE device of any kind has been provided to any employees! No wonder they are hiring, everyone is either sick or quitting... —  read more 


Monthly and quarterly are capped at 110%, not 105%

Are bonuses still capped?

Aren't our period and quarter bonuses capped? Meaning after you hit a certain percentage, it doesn't matter how much more you do, there's no more money given? Anyone have the answer???

Looking for work?

Looking for some extra money? Kroger is hiring overnight people to re stock and starting pay is now $18, more than most PT merchandisers make that have been here 10 years! 🤣 My company just announce for every 10 hours we work in the field, we get... —  read more 

waste of time

The stay at home or shelter at home is a good idea, but we are ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING. As everything is closing, the grocery stores are becoming wall to wall people, in other words...virus transmission zones. The grocery stores are one of the few... —  read more 

Call OSHA Now

This Virus needs to be put on the books We are on the front lines and have never experienced this situation.

Getting out of work? Corona Virus

With the midst of a mass pandemic going on. Does anyone think we’ll be takin out of the field soon? At this point I’m not even comfortable going into work because of this. I know other companies are shutting down for multiple weeks to be... —  read more 

Demand N95 Masks for frontline workers

We are put at a tremendous risk working in areas with high concentration of shoppers. Refuse to expose yourself until we are given the proper protective gear. N95 masks or we dont work!!!


Remember all corporate employees must work from home to avoid spread. The rest of you field workers, wash your hands it's just a little flu.

Vacation Reps

I’m not sure if my annoyance will be reciprocated throughout the company But I am however fed up with the way the schedule works on daily update. I am a vacation representative and I am getting really tired or waiting until 6 or 7pm to figure if/when... —  read more 


In the midst of the national emergency, and companies having employees work remotely from home, Mondelez management once again behaves in a manner that is not only embarrassing but also downright shameful! Yes, retail is the backbone of this... —  read more 

Another warehouse down

Just heard a warehouse in CT is closing April 2020 and product will come from some new state of the art warehouse in NY.

What's really going on?

Makes me sad there's so much speculation amongst us all given so many people see signs of impending change, but there's no information from the company.😔

It's all about dollars & logistics in the end

Mondelez has been quietly closing sites in its DSD delivery model for years. I worked at a high volume, very efficient nabisco branch outside of the biggest city in WI for years until they shut it down in 2017. We were not the first closure or the... —  read more 

“The bottom line”

People are missing the point.... Ending DSD will increase profitability for retailers! When WM and Kroger see earnings reports, they see an opportunity for THEM to make more money! Ending DSD will increase margins for retailers, increasing their... —  read more 

“We’re too big”

In 2019 Mondelez was the 20th largest food company in the US. Of the 19 larger than us, guess how many are warehouse! 🤣🤣Nope, we are not too big! Kellogg is bigger, Nestle is bigger, and there are plenty more that are warehouse! The “we are too big”... —  read more 


Some companies already get their products from middle men like them which would obviously become the alternative to warehouse delivery once DSP is cut.

Don’t be surprised!

Analysts Estimate Mondelez (MDLZ) to Report a Decline in Earnings: What to Look Out for Zacks Equity Research ZacksJanuary 22, 2020, 5:31 PM UTC Mondelez (MDLZ) is expected to deliver a year-over-year decline in earnings on higher revenues when it... —  read more 


Has anybody had trouble hitting their bonus?

So funny.....

Was just grocery shopping and ran into a pepp farm rep I used to share some stores with a long time ago. He asked if I was still with “nabisco” and I answered. His comment was,” they have quite the reputation for being jerks to their employees”! 🤣... —  read more 

Jyve company

Jyve merchandisers will be throwing Nabisco orders at Joe V’s grocery stores in Houston area. Jyve will also throw Coke and Frito Lay product as well. DSD is done!!!

People commenting on this forum

Super curious why people that DO NOT believe DSD is ending are on this site commenting? Why are you here? Do you feel a duty to try to convince people that believe DSD is ending, that it is not? Why did you find this site in the first place? What... —  read more 

Walmart price drops

Numerous months ago basically the entire cookie/cracker line at Walmart had a dramatic price drop. These are not rollbacks, they are massive, permanent price cuts. I guess my thoughts were is this the price they are going to be after they cut out the... —  read more 

April 2020

Fiscal year starts in April for Mondelez. Announcement is coming soon. 60 day's notice required by law. Walmart and Kroger contracts are up in 2020. DSD is an outdated system. These stores require 7 day's service and we don't provide that. Stores are... —  read more 

I just can’t see it

I can’t see the company leaving dsd, I think if they did it would be a mistake. The stores can’t take care of there own product, I can’t see them take care of ours.

One more sign......

For those of us that were at the rally meetings just after Keebler left dad.....remember when we were told by our regional leader (the one that fell off the ladder) that Kellogg would tank? Well look now! Even after they sold their cookie business!... —  read more 

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