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Different Post, Same Comments

I swear every single thread has the same 4-5 people on it. Extremely annoying. To the game over, titanic, and hit send people, why are you still with this company? You've been saying this for over a year and yet here you are day after day... read more


I think it s---s that all those people lost there jobs but it wasn't all about outsourcing some of those lines where not updated since the 70-80s automation would have killed 70-90% of there jobs anyway.


Have other areas been having ridiculous amounts of cuts on deliveries the past few weeks, or is this just exclusive to us down south? Core items like Nillas, Chewy Chips Ahoys (regular and family size), and Double Stuf Oreos (also all sizes), not to... read more

Last week

I’m getting out. Found another job in the field my degrees in. RMS said I had a “real future in cookies and crackers”. LOL still drinking the kook-aid

Tates to go DSD this fall

3rd party tates rep said we are picking it up sometime in the late 3rd early 4th 1/4. I'm just passing along what I was told can't certainly disagree with the guy telling me but I bet you all can.

What is DSD?

I don't work for Mondelez, my dad does so I come here occasionally to see if there are any news on layoffs (he's the kind of man who wouldn't tell me if he was dying to spare me worry, so I have to check somehow to know if he needs any help.) Every... read more

Nabisco may not want to leave DSD, but...

Nabisco may not want to leave DSD but Kroger,Walmart and other chains aren't renewing their contracts. Nabisco is being forced into warehouse. It's been in the works since 2013 when we closed branches and warehouses. 2020 is when the contracts run... read more

"Major" reset in Kroger

Starting next week. All national brands are losing space for their private label brand. How much longer before DSD is done?

Does this mean no layoffs?

Just wondering, considering that we are doing better and shares are moving up accordingly, is there a chance any planned layoffs will be put on hold?

Q2 earnings report Sounds very promising for DSD. Dirk said that we're moving in the right direction and he values DSD. Where'sh-- send and titanic guy at?!?!?!?

Dear Nabisco Cheerleader

I’m curious why you are so oblivious to the fact that your coworkers are posting on this site and not “elves”. Do you really believe that people fired a a year ago actually care whether or not if we are in DSD or not. From most Keebler reps that I... read more

Watch for Ritz sales to plummet.

Consumers in general are not too bright and only hear the headline, "Ritz cracker recall". Most will not get or read the whole story about which specific skus. Also if you google Ritz recall one of the stories has a picture of regular Ritz crackers... read more

Recall on Ritz bits!

Severance info

Was digging theroug the HR website and found out that there is already a severance plan program for any fulltime hourly non-union employee whos job might be or become eliminated this was probably set up when they where consolidating the branches It... read more

Stores will not set up hutches

Our product is currently not like keblers when it comes to displays, kebler has every item on a shipper or a MOD with colored card board trays, stores spend about 5mins setting up any display they get. Our PRDs fall apart 50% of the time before even... read more

Pattern of destruction continues

Ever since Rosenfeld was hired, she was responsible for giving Kraft Foods to a broker, sold the pizza division, and now as president of Mondelez (Nabisco) is going to eliminate the DSD format of business like Keebler did a year ago. She’s retiring... read more

Nobody knows nothing.

Nobody knows nothing. You can guess but you dont know. You could hit send and get another job but the same as here you could be gone there at anytime you dont know if that boat is any better You can stay and see what happens mybe get a severance if... read more


Yes closings are happening soon! Your HR regional manager will be reaching out via phone conference in the upcoming months. Small severance packages will be offered. My Uncle works in East Hanover office. He said that DSD is restructuring and won't... read more

More closings

Been hearing rumors about more closings to be announced soon. Any truth to that?

Excellent read

Excellent explanation by @TUD6zHt-1jve, thought it deserved its own thread: And the crappy part is even with all the layoffs, outsourcing, factories to mexico our U.S. numbers are still down. It's third grade math. Example.... We make a cookie for a... read more

Major changes are coming

With everything that's been going on, if you don't see the writing on the wall you'll have only yourself to blame once the you-know-what hits the fan. Get ready people, this will be a bumpy ride. Those who have a chance to get off before it even... read more

The Plan

2018 is the last year of Irene's restructuring plan. Now Dirk will be setting his agenda/ vision that will be coming on line end of the year. I just got back from doing a little shopping. Large retailer where I'm at. Don't recall seeing so much... read more

Shelves empty

Keebler product empty in stores, stores don’t care about them. Kellogg reps no where to be seen! Nabisco is everywhere for the holiday weekend! DSD is KING!

"clarity near the middle of the year on DSD."

CEO: Mondelez evaluating DSD as part of strategic review 2/2/2018 Mondelez CEO Dirk Van de Put said direct-store delivery has been "powerful" for the company's US biscuits category, but the company is performing a cost-benefit analysis to determine... read more


Everyone will be replaced. We're set-up just like Keebler. Stop believing what upper management is telling you. DSD is ending soon. Get out before your kicked to the curb. Start looking. Find what you want and don't settle.

There are no guarantees

A tell tale sign management is lying, is they are offering guarantees of our commitment to dsd. Who would do that? There are no guarantees in life, let alone the retail environment we currently live in! One that is evolving at a warp speed! It’s easy... read more

What has NABISCO became !

It don’t seem like the same job it once used to be. Changes are coming! Nabisco used to be a good place to work for and now it’s rough. This new CAO is crazy... they won’t you to upsell what Walmart don’t work. Walmart goal is to have 0 backstock... read more

End of 2017, April ‘18, now Sept ‘18?

First many in here said DSD would be done at the end of 2017, then April 2018, now it’s September 2018? When September comes and goes, and DSD is still happening, what’s the next date? Inquiring minds want to know!

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