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HUGE age discrimination at Mondelez.....

This company could be a great place to work but it’s only a great place to work if you’re 35 or younger.… At first the company said they wouldn’t promote people because of relocation, yet the younger employees weren’t required to move?. Positions... read more

Think about it!

When Keebler announced going Warehouse, our company came out in full support of DSD. This time, when Nestle announced, it's been pretty quiet. I'm placing bets on a full exit happening in 2020! Game over.

Frito lay started CAO in Walmart

Walmart told them that they are going to merchandise their products soon. Looks like the merchandisers will be eliminated 1st at Frito. I was told that the reps will remain delivering but they were told the Walmart will be taking over merchandising... read more

Slack off as much as possible as little as possible people from here on out. The company will not even offer as a decent servance package as they will layoff people in waves. This is pretty obvious in the fact that our product is being ordered through Kroger and... read more


Big day at the stock market for Mondelez, it’s due North American growth. Just saying.

Read the posts in Nestle layoffs.....

Wow, eerily familiar! Read flags for five years; shuttles from warehouses the last couple years, red flags galore! They post how much they wished they paid attention to what’s now, obvious red flags! Not a single employee at Mondelez can pretend they... read more

Need to be aware of what’s coming or going

Some people just chose to live in the moment only. Those people will regret it! Need to be aware of what’s coming or going. Precisely why companies forecast etc.. People seem to think that backside they are working today their jobs are safe. Yep... read more

Nestle going Warehouse

Ok prognosticators, is it “Game Over” ? should I “Hit Send” ? You’ve been telling us to do that for nearly 3 years now. Is now the time? You guys are hysterical.

I’ve never seen a manager fired

I’ve never seen a manager fired. With that said, I’ve never seen a pt time merchandiser fires either. We would much rather keep a lazy merchandiser than to do additional paperwork, meet up with them to get their materials back, and move people around... read more


So the DSD haters keep hanging on here talking bad about nabisco. So you guys are waiting for DSD to end, just to say I told you so? Just to say see, I told you it was happening? Nabisco cheerleader on here s---s! Dinosaur! Warehouse is better! Just... read more


If keebler was so great, Kellogg would have kept them and not sold them. Kellogg kept cheez it’s, the only brand that’s any good. Nestle is going warehouse, ok half their pizza and ice cream were already warehouse in stores and they barely brought... read more

Making adjustments way too late

It’s truly amazing to see how hard some are willing to try to spin things! DSD is ending! Very easy to understand why! Yet some continue to push the “business as usual” idea! Until announcement is made we will continue time to do business as usual... read more

I just want out of here

I don't care if DSD is ending or not, I don't care about anything related to Mondelez anymore, I just want out of here. The work environment has become so toxic here that I dread going to work each day. Yet, I've been here long enough that finding a... read more

Why are we still hiring?

Do you want to work 80 a week? This company was already sued once for discrepancies in work hours. Some reps worked 50 hours while some worked 40. It’s never ceases to amaze me how stupid they are! You’d think they would have learned but no! Keebler... read more

The “New” DSD.....haha!

DSD is ending...period! Some have concocted a c---amamie theory that really deserves a great laugh, so let’s give it the attention it deserves!!! Under this “new” CAO the most important feature to remember is...,,jobs are safe, employees keep cars... read more


Store brands will put name brands out of business. .and no one wants game of thrones oreos...they will go down the shoot like everyother food colored junk products nabisco,kelloggs or keebler makes...who even eats crackers anymore...and the big... read more

Kroger and WalMart EDI

With both Kroger and WalMart EDI, systems are up and running for a warehouse transition. Kroger has actually been ordering product from our warehouse, not necessarily on purpose, probably a wrong sku. What this shows though is that they now have the... read more

Forbes article

Holy smokes! Someone didn’t like that scathing article! It was not a good picture of Mondelez! Article overvalued stock by $15 a share, in his opinion. Not sure why it was pulled? First Amendment right, freedom of speech! Read the article, pretty... read more

Haha. CEO Pay

Great article:

Go Cups

Somebody a few months ago said March 8 would be the last time we would be delivering “Go Cups” to Walmart. Well today is April 10 and we are still delivering them. Did whoever posted that mean March 8, 2020?

Thanks for playing

Walmart doing own resets

Another tell tale sign, WM will now be doing their own resets moving forward. DSD Byhad us contractually obligated, part of the full service DSD! We hired third party! No longer happening! It’s a coming folks!!

Mondelez low balling Campbell's for Tim tams 😆 Just wait till they low ball you on your severance pay!! Get out now while you can!!! DSD is ending soon!!!

Would management lie?

So many people are questioning why, or if, management would lie! Company paid out $13 milliion dollars to SEC for a single violation. Doesn’t include the jury award of $200,000 for age descrimination lawsuit they lost. So you really question whether... read more

Company culture

Being fairly new to not only Mondelez, but also the work force, there are some very striking things about the culture at Mondelez! It seems management tries very hard to promote a “young, hip, laid back” work environment! You spend one day here and... read more

Kellogg stock

Kellogg was 88! Dollars before dsd ended, the stock was strong. Now it’s at 54 dollars after 2 years!!!!! Warehouse isn’t working at all!!!! The elves have empty shelves.

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