Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Tik Tok???

it’s being reported, in local areas, RMS asking employees if they’d be willing to participate in Tik Tok videos basically saying how great it is working for Mondelez!!! ARE YOU KIDDING US ALL??


There’s been rumors and whispers that some more layoffs or structural changes will happen in April. Has anyone heard anything about this?

3 weeks in

We have been in mission 1 for 3 weeks now in the Chicago region and if this isn’t the writing on the wall for sales reps I don’t know what is! We are basically now grunts doing whatever is needed to fill the voids in our territories, some reps are... —  read more 

Year end reviews

My incompetent merchandiser just got an exceeds expectations, I got a met expectations, and I guarantee you I EXCEED on every level, and this merchandiser does 1/4 of the job. This company is at the tail end of a complete burn out. I'm in a... —  read more 

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Cost cutters

Mondelez is a company willing to lose a dollar to save a penny. Spending tons on sales force but unwilling to budget to schedule enough hours for us to be productive in our jobs. So much lost potential because of the cost cutting.

A little late to care

Funny how one guy loses his job and the guy below him starts to show initiative. I guess the last 3 years of spending 4 days at home 8 hours a day 'writing schedules' is to be forgotten by the lower tier. Unreal.

2 faced

District managers have been informed of who is losing their job. They have signed confidentiality agreements. Think about all the times your manager acted like everything was fine from now until March when you’re told you lost your job and they... —  read more 

Extra Rms roles

So what’s the point of each team having extra rms’s? The team I’m on now has 3 rms’s. What do these guys do besides being on a power trip? I have yet to see one come out and help the merchandisers.

Wake up folks....

Who is getting laid off has NOTHING to do with productivity and EVERYTHING to do with achieving more for the bottom line, which occurs by cutting the fat. With all the retail changes over the years there is less and less selling and more and more... —  read more 


For the people who were let go. Did they notify you with a HR call or through email. We are starting mission 1 in April and will find out In March who is getting get go. Was just curious how they are going about the process.

My full timer

So my full time order writer merchandiser recently was a rep now he has this new role. I have 27 stores on my new territory and can barely keep up. My old full timer always sold in extra displays and always went above and beyond. This new ex sales... —  read more 

Its terrible in Texas

People not being held accountable for they're work. Walking off and going home, leaving deliveries. No one being reprimanded. Notes not being followed. Supervisors passing the buck and not confronting issues. People being promoted that aren't ready... —  read more 

Zero motivation

The atmosphere here is so depressing. I hope I can get something else very soon, because it's getting unbearable. Until then, I'm just doing the bare minimum. Actually, is anyone even trying to work hard here anymore?

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