Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

What are surveys for?

Surveys are completely pointless! It is not at all clear to me what they are for. First, (almost) no one is ever honest in these surveys. Secondly, even if we all respond the way we really think to get a more realistic picture of the mood and... —  read more 

Tight A$$

So tired of this company. I see other companies showing appreciation to employees but Mondelez is still squeezing the blood out of us. Yes I know I could leave but hope to retire next year. Just so disappointed in what used to be a good job

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its a stretch i know to ask because everyone wants to be anonymous...but has any one on her tried to retire and had problems with fidelity? ive been in a circle for two months trying to get pension and i am running out of patience! any advice?

Class action

Wow. If someone would start a class action suit I think alot would join and win. We are getting screwed on bonus opportunity based on supply and manipulating objectives


Is it me or does it seem like a bunch of kindergartners could run this company more efficient. Now asking managers to go run the bakeries and the warehouses. Pay people what they deserve! Ever since all the Coke people have come to this... —  read more 


Where the heck is our leadership. So many issues. If my stores looked 20 years ago like they have for past couple years I would have been gone. Maybe careless about diversity,equality and green planet and fix this company. So so sad.

Unionize now!!!

I can see plenty of employees would like to organize a union, to stop the abuses by Mondelez. It seems people are scared to speak out, and rightly so. This is how companies like Mondelez keep their employees down, separated, and running scared. .. —  read more 

Spiraling downward

As a rep I certainly hate to see a strike but this company has put profit above absolutely everything. Glad they are doing it. I understand profit is a driving factor but we have sacrificed everything in name of profit. Nabisco is unquestionably the... —  read more 

Union Now!!

For all you passed off sales reps. Contact these folks and learn how to start organizing in your area! The whole world is watching! Make them pay!!!!!

The new job is awful...

I was unlucky. It turned out that the new company I went to after Mondelez wasn't much better at all. The situation is really bad. However, guess what, I still wouldn’t go back here. How much worse must a new company be for people to want to return... —  read more 

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