Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mondelez International Inc.

best way to resign?

I have to resign from Nabisco, i work as a merchandiser, and my manager just recently said they were short on ppl, i still really like the job and been doing it for a year now but in my personal life i'm getting kicked out of my parents house in a... —  read more 

DSD Ending in 2021

Mondelez has been quietly closing sites in its DSD delivery model for years. I worked at a high volume, very efficient nabisco branch outside of the biggest city in WI for years until they shut it down in 2017. We were not the first closure or the... —  read more 

Praying we keep our plants

I can’t see myself working anywhere but at the plant. My colleagues are like family to me which is saying a lot. If the plant closes how many employees will have to relocate just to be able to find another job to support their own? The plant is also... —  read more 

Excuses, excuses.......

I have to say, this site is entertaining! Reading all the posts from those trying to defend the position that Mondelez is "committed to DSD, well those are the best! Topping my list is..."they are still hiring"! Such a laugh! The reason they are... —  read more 


The safety of us employees and our families should be the first priority. With demand skyrocketing and our workforce being low; a mask and hand wipes won’t cut it!! Whose in??


For all the comments made about Kellogg’s and their “worth”, they just passed their 53 week high of stock value. For a company that only “has cheez-its” they seem to be kicking our butt! We simply can’t compete till DSD is over! Need to get the... —  read more 

Here we go....

Reps being taken out of retail stores! Limiting the number of times in a store per week, letting systems order! Target now online to order themselves! Worked 5 hours one day this week and 2 of that was k–ling time! Buckle up, it’s gonna be a very... —  read more 

Future of Nabisco/DSD

I understand risking the health of my family and myself While making a little extra money, but take that away and I’m more concerned for my future with this company. After months/years of our jobs being in question I’m tired of not knowing, I want... —  read more 

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