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For all the comments made about Kellogg’s and their “worth”, they just passed their 53 week high of stock value. For a company that only “has cheez-its” they seem to be kicking our butt! We simply can’t compete till DSD is over! Need to get the... —  read more 

JYVE coming soon

JYVE coming to a store near you!!! That’s right Jyve will be merchandising all of Nabisco product.

Easy shift

Does anyone know when we’re going back to easyshift? Management never knows anything.

F%#@ this company

Hope it goes manager is a lousy piece of c-ap who sits her fat a– in her home office all day.

25% SKU reduction

25% SKU reduction! Get off the sinking ship while you can. This company is contracting not growing! The view of the sinking ship looks great from my life boat.

PPE survey

Anyone else get this survey? They asked you how much PPE you'll need for the rest of the year. Are they committed to dsd till the end of 2020?

Company Screwing Us Again

Such a big increase for month of June so we all miss and don’t get bonus. Thanks RM, Mary, GW and Dirk. I finish plus 10-13 over prior year and miss by 30k

Here we go....

Reps being taken out of retail stores! Limiting the number of times in a store per week, letting systems order! Target now online to order themselves! Worked 5 hours one day this week and 2 of that was k–ling time! Buckle up, it’s gonna be a very... —  read more 

Reduced order writes

Can’t wait to work 10 trucks and let all my orders go next week, who is with me!?!? Writing is on the wall.

Packing out tates now

I posted this a while ago and every one said it wouldn't happen, and there sales are up since taking it over

F--- you Mary!

Hero pay is expiring! Be sure to share this with our reporter friends. We are still under a state of emergency and have to wear protective gear. We demand to be compensated for the risk we take during this crisis!

Fulton Market.

Did we just sell our fancy new downtown Chicago headquarters to the German's? Saw the headlines on Cranes but not being a subscriber to his rag I can't see the whole article.

Nice China safety supplies

Just received a box with additional hand sanitizer, gloves, paper towels. ALL MADE IN CHINA !! Way to buy American Mondelez

Phase 1 coming in July Q3

DSD cuts coming in Q3! Hours are being drastically cut! Not 100% sure who's being cut but my guess is downsizing reps. DSD is being eliminated in phases. Phase 1 is effective in Q3

May 1st Strike

Retail workers are striking may first. I for one will be joining them. Enough is enough! No more dead reps.

Thank you Mondelez!

Effective today, we will provide up to two (2) additional weeks of paid leave at 100% We will consider you impacted and provide this supplemental paid leave if you: • Reasonably believe you have been exposed to, have symptoms of, or have... —  read more 

Is this true?

I called the health dept a month ago to notify them that Mondelez has not issued employees any PPE. I was told I did not have to go to work if I did not feel safe, and if any repercussions come from it, you are safe! Has anybody else had any... —  read more 

Another round of POS masks!😂

This company has no shame!!! They took a little heat for sending out unusable masks last week. "How can we fix this bad PR?" Yes... a 2nd delivery of even worse masks😂 DSD cant be ending when they are investing this much money on our PPE🤣 If your... —  read more 

Classic Mondelez....

Email forwarded from management, let sales force and merchandisers know that their PPE should arrive by May 1..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that is beyond embarrassing!! We’ve just been DIRECTLY notified by our VP of US sales that our second round of PPE... —  read more 

Broken Promises and Broken Company

I have read many comments on here and I wanted to take the time to write about this company because I used to work for them. Beware of this company if you ever want to advance or move up at all any time in the near future. I’m glad I moved on when... —  read more 

A brood of vipers!

The company announced on 3.19 that they would be providing disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies. Its 3.28 and I have not received anything yet. The company also told newspapers that sales reps we are getting $150... —  read more 


I’ve heard from some merchandisers who are experiencing symptoms that mangers are not even returning phone calls! Not a single PPE device of any kind has been provided to any employees! No wonder they are hiring, everyone is either sick or quitting... —  read more 


Monthly and quarterly are capped at 110%, not 105%

Are bonuses still capped?

Aren't our period and quarter bonuses capped? Meaning after you hit a certain percentage, it doesn't matter how much more you do, there's no more money given? Anyone have the answer???

Looking for work?

Looking for some extra money? Kroger is hiring overnight people to re stock and starting pay is now $18, more than most PT merchandisers make that have been here 10 years! 🤣 My company just announce for every 10 hours we work in the field, we get... —  read more 

waste of time

The stay at home or shelter at home is a good idea, but we are ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING. As everything is closing, the grocery stores are becoming wall to wall people, in other words...virus transmission zones. The grocery stores are one of the few... —  read more 

Call OSHA Now

This Virus needs to be put on the books We are on the front lines and have never experienced this situation.

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