Topics regarding layoffs at Coca-Cola Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Coca-Cola Co.

It pays to be rich

Coca-Cola HBC boss handed a £250k 'cost of living' boost Zoran Bogdanovic, the chief executive of FTSE100 soft drinks bottling giant Coca-Cola HBC, received benefits of £736,000 last year, including an allowance for his partner, a £90,000 housing... —  read more 

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Maintenance Planner Question

I saw a position open for maintenance planner in Baton Rouge. Anyone have details on this job specifically? I’m considering applying. What’s the salary or hourly rate? Good job? What’s it like working for coke? I’m currently employed at a major oil... —  read more 

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A dude that used to work here said he got an inside tip about a couple plants in Texas consolidating because they can't keep production running at levels. Del B said they may be also trying to layoff a few people in the process to pay for the cost... —  read more 

More closings announced

Coca-Cola plans to shutter a bottling facility in American Canyon, California, that employs 160 people and another plant in Northampton, Massachusetts, that has 320 workers, a company spokesperson said in an email. Both closures are expected to... —  read more 

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Will they be calling us back?

Now that the sales have rebound, is there any chance some of us who were laid off recently will be called back? I wouldn't mind returning to my old job even if I have found a replacement since. Despite the layoffs, I hold no ill feelings towards the... —  read more 

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The consequences of Ronaldo's move

Any thoughts on how Ronaldo’s removal of Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference will affect us? It has coincided with a big fall in the share price. Will we, ordinary employees, be affected the most in the end? I hope there will be no cuts... —  read more 

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Voter rights

For god sakes, you people make sugar water. The management must be so arrogant as to think they produce something so important that they can actually sway opinion. Get a life.

Mark your calendars

The Coca-Cola bottling plant at 830 N. Sixth St. in Lafayette is laying off some of its employees and consolidating its operations to a new automated distribution center in Whitestown, Indiana, according to a recent letter the company sent to the... —  read more 


If a buyout is offered I will take it in a heartbeat. I don't understand why they don't offer voluntary layoffs all around instead to just to a select group. I'm certain there are plenty of people who would be happy to leave for whatever reason. And... —  read more 

Cuts are coming

And yes, their favorite way to save money is by laying off employees. It's a shameful short term fix that winds up costing company more in the long run. I wonder if they know about any other way? More than half of global layoffs will be in US. I’ll... —  read more 

What's the latest on layoffs?

Has anything new come out since August? Is there any news on how many people accepted their voluntary offers? What's going to happen if not enough do? I don't work for Coke but my mom does and I know this has been weighing on her. It'd be nice to... —  read more 

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I wish we had a timeline

Just to know how this will play out. I'm guessing cuts will be deep but plenty of people will also be able to transfer to other positions within the company. Not knowing which group I'm gonna be in and having no indication of when I might find... —  read more 

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What's the impact?

Coca-Cola Decides to Discontinue Production of 200 Drink Brands: Report Coca-Cola Decides to Discontinue Production of 200 Drink Brands to Focus on Profitable Beverages: Report. The brands that would be cancelled have “little to... —  read more 

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When will we know more?

When will we know how many people have accepted the voluntary layoff packages? And when will we finally find out how many regular layoffs will that leave us with? Coca Cola seems intent on torturing us by keeping us guessing and stressing for who... —  read more 

Coke S---s!

Feel so bad for those close to retirement and other employees. Executives only care about their millions. So ridiculous they just spent millions remodeling the Atlanta complex.

COVID Layoffs Q3/Q4

surely they must be coming soon - particularly for CCNA. I haven't heard anything (im based in atlanta) but they must be right around the corner. Anyone closer to these decisions know anything?

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