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When will we know more?

When will we know how many people have accepted the voluntary layoff packages? And when will we finally find out how many regular layoffs will that leave us with? Coca Cola seems intent on torturing us by keeping us guessing and stressing for who... —  read more 

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Coke S---s!

Feel so bad for those close to retirement and other employees. Executives only care about their millions. So ridiculous they just spent millions remodeling the Atlanta complex.

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Coca Cola layoffs

When I got laid off I asked for a report on who was laid off. People don’t know that if your above 45 years old you are Entitled to this report. What I found was that they laid off mostly people that were above the age of 50 years old. Was it Age... —  read more 

Covid 19 layoff

Liberty Coke's entire sales Team received a late call late Tuesday afternoon. Sales were given a choice of taking a voluntary furlough or they were going to choose who and how many would be payed off..... I'm guessing 50% of an already depleted... —  read more 

Layoffs coming

Word in the ATL is that layoffs are coming. Predicted recession and some excess inventory problems. Upstart competition taking more shelf space than anticipated. If you're corporate look out.

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2019 Lay Offs Begin At Coca Cola

Lays began today at the beverage company giant, impacting several departments in the financial sector. This move comes as a surprise to many insiders who were blindsided by the releases. Of course this information is not receiving much attention from... —  read more 

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I work in purchasing for a very large convention center, one of the largest in the nation in fact. I can tell you that our bookings and food/beverage sales are on track for a 30-40% drop in 2019-2020, and that's providing no cancellations or changes... —  read more 

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HQ to be hit hard!

Really bad news for those working in management. Coca-Cola will be laying off nearly 350 people from the Atlanta HQ. The funny thing is, while 350 people will be shown the door, Cola will continue to hire people for other positions. Am I the only one... —  read more 

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More Coca-Cola layoffs

Nothing new, more Coca-Cola related layoffs. Changes in distribution of Coca-Cola soft drink will result in a reduction of up to 15 workers in Terre Haute, likely by the end of March... —  read more 

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Signs Layoffs are Coming

The most obvious sign layoffs are coming: Executives hint at layoffs using other terms, like 'restructuring' "downsizing," "reorganizing," "incremental synergies," organizational efficiency," "offshoring," "streamlining," "headcount reductions"... —  read more 

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Moved on, laid off last year!

I was let go in the big purge last year, after 7 year with the company - in the hindsight I should have left much earlier as this was by far the most stressful job I've ever had (30+ years of experience). At Coke, nothing is ever good enough, you... —  read more 

Company it terrible

I have been working at the plant for 16 years, and the new management that came in just worry about money, theirs no concern for peoples safety and well being, some of the workers have been force to work overtime with the treat of loosing your job if... —  read more 

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