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Coca Cola Layoffs 2020

If the economy turns around, do you anticipate any Coca Cola Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Layoffs coming

Word in the ATL is that layoffs are coming. Predicted recession and some excess inventory problems. Upstart competition taking more shelf space than anticipated. If you're corporate look out.

2019 Lay Offs Begin At Coca Cola

Lays began today at the beverage company giant, impacting several departments in the financial sector. This move comes as a surprise to many insiders who were blindsided by the releases. Of course this information is not receiving much attention from... —  read more 

2019 Lay Offs Begin At Coca Cola

Lays began today at the beverage company giant, impacting several departments in the financial sector. This move comes as a surprise to many insiders who were blindsided by the releases. Of course this information is not receiving much attention from... —  read more 


I work in purchasing for a very large convention center, one of the largest in the nation in fact. I can tell you that our bookings and food/beverage sales are on track for a 30-40% drop in 2019-2020, and that's providing no cancellations or changes... —  read more 

Coca-Cola treats employees like a commodity

I spent 15 years with Coca-Cola and it was 15 sad years. I retired as soon as I could in an effort to regain my passion for life. There are some very talented and great people in the organization. Why leadership continues to treat their employees... —  read more 

Coca-Cola layoffs in Needham

Several layoffs in this case is nearly 150. The Coca-Cola manufacturing facility along Route 128 in Needham will be converted to a new purpose, resulting in several layoffs, according to the NN Regional Chamber... —  read more 

HQ to be hit hard!

Really bad news for those working in management. Coca-Cola will be laying off nearly 350 people from the Atlanta HQ. The funny thing is, while 350 people will be shown the door, Cola will continue to hire people for other positions. Am I the only one... —  read more 

Coca-Cola closing Okmulgee bottling plant

How many bad news can Coca-Cola drop on its workers in the new year? Seriously? So many layoffs already announced, and now a plant closing? Nearly 250 people will lose their jobs, part in the Okmulgee bottling plant, part in the Oklahoma City... —  read more 

More Coca-Cola layoffs

Nothing new, more Coca-Cola related layoffs. Changes in distribution of Coca-Cola soft drink will result in a reduction of up to 15 workers in Terre Haute, likely by the end of March... —  read more 

Coca-Cola February layoffs in Atlanta

Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) reported to the state that it plans to lay off an additional 53 people on Feb. 28, including five employees at 121 Baker Street, 47 at 1 Coca-Cola Plaza, and one at 1150 Sanctuary Parkway... —  read more 

IT dept - Security and firewall teams are the worst

IT dept - Security and firewall teams are the worst had a change to work with the security and firewall team, seems to be the worst i have worked with in my lifetime. lack of knowledge of the company infra lack of product knowledge of the tools that... —  read more 

Layoffs coming in July and August

there are hundreds of people that will be let go in 2018 in the months of July, and August. Those were targeted 1 year after the layoffs started in 2017. The 2018 layoffs will take place in all regions. Those that were targeted for 2018 will start... —  read more 

Coca Cola Layoffs 2018

I know that this sounds like a broken record, but some folks are talking about possibly having layoffs in Atlanta.

Age discrimination and still the good ole boy club

Laid off after 18 years and exceptional performance reviews. The company can spend billions on a renovation of their headquarters that will be outdated by the time it is completed and lead by an incompetent team of narcissists, yet layoff people. By... —  read more 

Saving money by laying off longtime workers

Coca-Cola seems to have joined the club of companies who are saving money by laying off their most experienced and loyal workers for young employees who cost less. The fact that the reduction in cost comes with reduction in knowledge does not seem to... —  read more 

Some answers by Coca Cola would be nice

Obviously people feel they are not being heard, not being listen to, not getting the answers they need to keep confident and within the walls of the office. It would be nice to have someone tell me the truth for once and give me a chance to modify... —  read more 

Signs Layoffs are Coming

The most obvious sign layoffs are coming: Executives hint at layoffs using other terms, like 'restructuring' "downsizing," "reorganizing," "incremental synergies," organizational efficiency," "offshoring," "streamlining," "headcount reductions"... —  read more 

Moved on, laid off last year!

I was let go in the big purge last year, after 7 year with the company - in the hindsight I should have left much earlier as this was by far the most stressful job I've ever had (30+ years of experience). At Coke, nothing is ever good enough, you... —  read more 

Company it terrible

I have been working at the plant for 16 years, and the new management that came in just worry about money, theirs no concern for peoples safety and well being, some of the workers have been force to work overtime with the treat of loosing your job if... —  read more 

Don't expect fair severance package

So this Coca Cola family has given me a package along with many others I have worked with over the last 2 to 3 decades. Is it a fair package? not even close...shameful for a company that promotes themselves with family values. I cant begin to... —  read more 

Not Woodruff's Company

Woodruff took the company through the Depression years and never layed off his employees. This makes the third reduction in force. This very short sighted HR trend to improve the company's efficiency and perfromance misses a very important point that... —  read more 

Layoff Criteria @ Coca Cola

This was done by outside consultants, and they tried to be neutral but how much do they know about what we work. Consultants set criteria for employee assessments that took place this was done by the employee’s manager and and one or two other... —  read more 

July 2016 Layoffs

334 workers laid off at at 1 Coca-Cola Place, Atlanta 30313; 59 workers at 303 Peachtree St. NE in Atlanta 30308; 28 workers at 384 Northyards Blvd. NW, Atlanta 30313. The total laid off count 421... —  read more 

Layoffs already happening?

It seems as if Coca-Cola already started letting people go. I've read on several sites that hundreds of people across several offices have been laid off today, but nobody is saying where exactly. I am not sure if I should start panicking or not. We... —  read more 

Laid off? Pray Coke Stock Holds Up

The only thing keeping the stock up is the 3+% dividend, once that goes, these guys are on the sales table, along with 401Ks and pensions

Do the layoff math

60,000 are leaving in some form, "Coke has said it expects to have fewer than 40,000 employees world-wide next year", there were 100,000 employees 12/31/16

No early retirement this time

Unlike all the many, many other lay-offs in the past, the Company will not be bridging anyone's time to 55. 54 years old, 20+ year of time served to bad. Should have been laid off before December

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