Thread regarding Coca-Cola Co. layoffs

I guess Coca Cola has decided to stay on the wrong side of history

Do they think losing Russia will cost us? I think the leadership underestimates how strongly people feel about this. I'm guaranteeing you that in the long run, deciding to stay is going to be far more expensive than if we withdrew from Russia right now. Things will get worse in that war before they get better, and we'll be associated with it for who knows how long.

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Yale professor lists companies not boycotting Russia: McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coca-Cola: Washington Post article 3/8/22 6:16 AM

Here is one of the milder comments:

McDonalds serves Coca Cola products & together they choose to not condemn Russia & Putin for their invading & committing war crimes against a peaceful Ukraine. Putting profits over morality.

Sad these American founded & based companies who have thrived in our free & democratic society based on (mostly) fair & equal rules of law for the people have chosen to continue to do business in a dictatorial, totalitarian, oppressive, & predatory country who is committing war crimes against humanity, including the 'civilian' population, in it's nonthreatening, free & democratic neighboring country.

Time to BOYCOTT & PUBLICLY SHAME these two (2) prominent American institutions, ...McDonalds & Coca Cola.

Other comments are a lot worse regarding a company's decision to continue to support the Putin war effort.

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