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You guys should check out this story. Monster just laid off more people at Monster. Corporate and Indianapolis location. Top level executives downs to operations people. and QuinStreet

I've noticed that's link to the Quinstreet school finder lead generator is missing. Does this mean that the relationship is over, or that the two parties have become more devious in preying on vets.

Anxiety and Fear

Here at Monster, every few months there's a new executive, and with it, a new round of layoffs. They love that kind of stuff, saves money, the market reacts... Even without the layoffs lots of senior employees are leaving the company and there is no... —  read more 

Brazli is closed, Mexico will be closing too

Brazli is closed, Mexico will be closing too. The financials are sucky and it'll get worse. Iannuzzi is clueless and Langrock is delusional, we need a change at the top ASAP - the strategy is aweful. This round of layoffs will affect over 1,000 folks... —  read more 

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