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Brazli is closed, Mexico will be closing too

Brazli is closed, Mexico will be closing too. The financials are sucky and it'll get worse. Iannuzzi is clueless and Langrock is delusional, we need a change at the top ASAP - the strategy is aweful. This round of layoffs will affect over 1,000 folks and if it pans out that they are cutting dev guys then we might as well close the shop as no innovation will take place. This used to be a great place to work, dynamic and promising - now we are worst than yahoo, deranged and without the clear targets and goals. I have a friend who is a Senior Director of Software Engineering up in Boston and he told me that over a dozen folks in his group will be leaving soon - that's horrible, who will be kept on payroll? Who will take us to the 'next level'. Also, I heard that we are flirting with Apollo Private Equity, if they take us over, we can expect to have similar outcome as University of Phoenix which is also owned by Apollo Group - multiple rounds of deep cuts to allow Apollo to milk the cash flow and suck out the profits. It's a shame!

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