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ReadyRefresh & Costco?

It's my understanding that ReadyRefresh partnered with Costco to sell HOD to customers (depending on where they live). Does ReadyRefresh also sell via booths in the store? If so, when did this start? A few years ago your competitor Cott mentioned... read more
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Nestle Water Florida layoffs

Any updates on Nestle Water Florida layoffs for 2018 or 2019? I know that earlier there were cuts in Florida, Sales Force got clobbered

Haagen Dazs to Lay off 1000
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Some good news, if you can call it that

Well, looks like Nestle won't lay off 500 IT employees in Switzerland. The company will cut 450. It can be considered good news for those 50, but mostly it's the same thing. Also, I'm pretty sure those 50 saved from IT will be paid for with layoff... read more
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500 ITjobs axed in Switzerland HQ

Nestlé reorganizes its IT division at HQ in Vevey, relocating jobs to Barcelona. "...The company aims to access wider digital skills and to benefit from IT innovation..." What a joke ! with EPFL 20km away, ranked 12th University Worlwide. Compare the... read more
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Losing customers because we are short staffed

2 years ago this company laid off over 200 hundred people in north east the entire sales force. 2 months ago 90 people in corporate. Last week they just laid off the rest of their sales force Texas, Florida. Now they have no sales force nationally... read more

Former Nestle Commercial Sales Rep

I was with this company for 10 Years. First 7 years great we were treated very good and respected. The last 3 years since ready refresh took over that is where the nightmare started. That is when up management took over and to be quite honest these... read more

Haagen Dazs Tulare Layoffs

Temp layoffs in Tulare...
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More Nestle layoffs November-December 2017

More layoffs have been announced by Nestle, this time in the U.S. Over 50 people will be phased out by the end of the year. Not sure if this will affect any other locations, but the way Nestle's been going, it's not out of the question... read more

Nestle Bakersfield Layoffs

More details on the Bakersfield layoffs are surfacing today. All cuts will be temporary and folks here in bakersfield were expecting it. More details on the link below... read more

Nestle Glendale Layoffs Update

Please share any info that you may have on the announced layoffs for Nestle in Glendale. It's hard to find any information about layoffs and it looks like the media is avoiding this subject on purpose - I know that Nestle spends a ton on advertising... read more

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