Topics regarding layoffs at Nestle

Topics regarding layoffs at Nestle


So with everything happening..... Hopefully ex-Nestle folks are still checking in on this cause they some what still care for PEOPLE they worked with..... I need help with this pension stuff. I’m 30 and I don’t know what I need or should do. I... —  read more 

Still getting calls

Who out here is getting phone calls from their former stores asking why they haven't seen anybody in a while just wondering I kept my old phone and number and the calls are astonishing to see that these new lame rsr aren't even going to the stores... —  read more 

Well Wishes

I hope all former Nestle DSD employees have landed on their feet and are you in much happier situation. If you haven't found a job yet, remain positive. Something great is coming your way. God Bless!

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Retention Bonus Time

I believe most of the people laid off around mid to late November should be receiving their bonus by January 10th. I am happy it will becoming in 2020. Didn't want to be thrown in a higher tax bracket. Enjoy the new year everybody.

A New Year, A New Beginning

Happy New Year to all the former Nestle DSD employees. Many people I know personally have landed another job and they are doing well. I know a few that are still searching. To those people, stay positive and know a great opportunity is on it's way... —  read more 


Was wondering if anyone in California, is claiming severance on their unemployment??? I was told I needed to, but someone else said no. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s a bad thing to not claim it?? Any help, please and thank you.

Retention Bonus

Just curious has anyone let go first week of November get their retention bonus yet? Anyone that has already received regardless of last day is it paid via direct deposit like severance?

Anyone get their bonus?

I know in our area we had a few goes let go in early October, was just curious if there was anyone out there who has already received their bonus and if it was about as much as you expected


My original date to leave was December 3rd. My new date to leave is February 1st. All of this commotion started in May of 2019. We were told if we were to be kicked out before 6 months we would be guaranteed to be paid atleast 6 months. After that 6... —  read more 


Got my new packet and it's the same exact amount as my old packet. We were under the impression that the longer we stayed the larger our attention would be I understand that they kept saying if we were gone before the six months that we got paid 6... —  read more 

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