Topics regarding layoffs at Nestle

Topics regarding layoffs at Nestle

Layoffs at Purina

Purina PetCare parent Nestlé is planning cuts at one of its downtown offices, according to a recent filing with the state. A plan for "reorganizing" the office calls for layoffs, reassignments or relocation of 138 employees currently reporting to... —  read more 

Using slave labor in the Ivory Coast

"This week on CounterSpin: Nestle CEO Mark Schneider told investors in February that “2020 was a year of hardship for so many,” yet he was “inspired by the way it has brought all of us closer together.” And also by an “improvement” in Nestle’s... —  read more 

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More layoffs at Nestle

"Nestlé USA plans to eliminate 34 positions at its Burlington plant stemming from the sale of its U.S. confections business in 2018 to Ferrero. In a May 12 notice filed with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Nestlé told the state it... —  read more 

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Layoff after being acquired?

Does nestle health science typically do a layoff after making an acquisition? There are obvious job redundancies in my situation. Do they expect you to apply for other jobs within the company to survive? What’s a typical severance for a professional... —  read more 

Missed a golden opportunity

If they could’ve waited a few more months, they could’ve used the Pandemic to wipe the slate clean and even make money from it. I’m glad it didn’t happen that way. I used my severance as a down payment for a independent distribution route. Anyway... —  read more 

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So with everything happening..... Hopefully ex-Nestle folks are still checking in on this cause they some what still care for PEOPLE they worked with..... I need help with this pension stuff. I’m 30 and I don’t know what I need or should do. I... —  read more 

Still getting calls

Who out here is getting phone calls from their former stores asking why they haven't seen anybody in a while just wondering I kept my old phone and number and the calls are astonishing to see that these new lame rsr aren't even going to the stores... —  read more 

Well Wishes

I hope all former Nestle DSD employees have landed on their feet and are you in much happier situation. If you haven't found a job yet, remain positive. Something great is coming your way. God Bless!

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Class action lawsuit coming

Everyone who worked for nestle through 2006 to 2019 will receive a letter to join in on it. Believe it or not someone was brave enough to go forward with a lawsuit regarding our brakes and lunches. Being forced to work through lunches was a big deal... —  read more 

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