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Time to move on

Feel bad for the older people who are still saying they have to work once there bonus and package run out. I'm 60 year old and maybe older. There is one saleman who has been with the company around 27 years and doesn't have a clue on what's going on... —  read more 

Keurig Kold

I know that Keurig Kold has been a huge failure and resulted in the JAB buy out. Keurig planned on selling 300 million kold pods in the first year this was revised down many times over the last 8 months and wound up at less than 5 million. So Keurig... —  read more 

Here they go again.

People leaving, layoffs looming. CPI has to be done right and losing great human resources means they are doing it wrong.

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GMCR downsizing in works

It's my understanding that we'll reorganize in Q2 and that some jobs will be eliminated. May be wrong though...

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Good times are over, downsizing to happen

We grew too much - GMCR is hurting right now and our sales will continue to go down. Once that happens, people panic and even more great talent leaves. you cannot beat that - that's what's going to happen, slowly but surely, resources will start a... —  read more 

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