Topics regarding layoffs at Starbucks

Topics regarding layoffs at Starbucks

New CEO steps in early

Starbucks Corp. said it handed the reins of the world’s largest coffee chain to its incoming chief executive officer, Laxman Narasimhan. The Seattle-based company said that interim CEO and longtime leader Howard Schultz exited the role Monday... —  read more 

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BREAKING: The NLRB ruled today that Starbucks illegally fired and mistreated 35 union workers in Buffalo and Rochester. As part of the punishment, billionaire CEO Howard Schultz must record a video in which he reads workers their rights.


Let's see how devious management can get...

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This is bull ex------t

This is union busting, nothing else. Some stores are collateral damage, but this is what it is. I really hope those at the top pay for these dirty tactics. They should be ashamed of themselves if they had any conscience, but we all know they don't... —  read more 

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This is despicable

Ithaca Starbucks workers claim store closing because of union efforts ITHACA, N.Y. (WETM) – Workers at the College Avenue Starbucks location in Ithaca said they were “blindsided” by the company’s decision to close the store at the end of this... —  read more 

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Let's goooooooooooo

Seattle Starbucks location unanimously votes in favor of unionizing, a first in the company’s hometown

Finally, we're closing in Russia

I was nervous that once again Starbucks would choose money over the moral thing to do. I'm happy that I was proven wrong. I don't think our closing will do much in itself, but at least I know I'm not working for a company that is profiting from and... —  read more 

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I'm not okay with this

I can get behind not asking people to get vaccinated, it's their choice as misguided as it may be in my opinion. But not asking them to submit weekly tests is another matter. Some of us live with high-risk individuals who depend on us to be safe and... —  read more 

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"Union push widens at Starbucks"

"Unionizing efforts by Starbucks employees now stretch to Arizona, with one location in Mesa, Ariz., considering organizing, per The Wall Street Journal. Stores in Orlando and Chicago could follow. The growing movement comes on the heels of a... —  read more 

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What did you get let go for?

I want to hear your stories. Me, I got the axe when some punk kids on bicycles stole our tip jar from the drive-thru window. I jumped out the window, headset on, chased them down, got the tip jar back and took one of the kids bikes and told him... —  read more 


Now that I have left Starbucks, I am reading news about the pay increase: Starting Dec. 14, baristas, shift supervisors and cafe attendants will receive a pay increase of at least 10% if they were hired before Sept. 24, according to an internal... —  read more 

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Customers are coming back?

Hello Starbucks colleagues! I just read an article which says that customers are returning to our coffee shops quicker than expected. Unfortunately, I just don’t see any significant increase of their visits to the shop where I work. Is the... —  read more 

It’s true

Both of my daughters work for Starbucks and were offered the severance packages. One of them is mostly safe because we only have 1 SBUX where we live, but my other daughter runs a Denver store. She denied both packages and decided to take her... —  read more 

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