Topics regarding layoffs at Dunkin

Topics regarding layoffs at Dunkin

But wait there's more!

After "re-orgs" were supposed to be done, people are still being told they're no longer wanted. Mind you these were people who exemplified the old Dunkin' culture and tried to hang in there and "ki-l em with kindness". I assume this will continue... —  read more 

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Jumped right in and cashed out …

When asked about the integration process following Inspire’s $11.3 billion acquisition of Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins—which closed last December and won a Franchise Times Deal of the Year Award—Jaspon said several Dunkin’ executives “jumped right in... —  read more 

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Same "Stuff" Different Day... As a former employee who was at Dunkin in "the good old days", I'm sad to say I've seen this movie before. Take a look at who the Chairman of the Board is at Inspire Brands. Anyone at DD during his reign as CEO will not... —  read more 

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I miss the old Dunkin

I used to love my job here. I used to feel like a valued employee who was respected for what he brought to the table. I used to have fun and joke around with my coworkers and even managers. All of that is a thing of the past now. We are no longer... —  read more 

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Dunkin - honorable roll

The approximate value of the cash payments that each director and executive officer of the Company will receive in connection with the consummation of the Merger as a result of the cancellation of his or her Company Stock Options (assuming that each... —  read more 

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Dunkin, do better!

A job at Dunkin is just a temporary option for me. According to them I should work harder but I think even as it is I work too much since I am paid in peanuts. Can they really not pay us anymore? I think that someday they will have to... —  read more 

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Return to Office?

Anyone heard what Canton is leaning towards? Although Atlanta wants us all back by the many comments, I wonder if we will be allowed to make our own decisions in some capacity. I feel if we didn't get acquired, the choices would be ours (depending... —  read more 

Putting in my notice

I’ve spent more than 5 years with Dunkin’ and enjoyed the majority of my time. Then the rumors started once again that small layoffs will continue indefinitely and true or not, I didn’t plan to stick around. I started putting out feelers and putting... —  read more 

Prepare for the worse

Back in December I told myself that I needed to hope for the best BUT be prepared for the worst. I have always enjoyed working here but like with any company their priority will always be the bottom line. Now I keep wondering how many roles can be... —  read more 

Second wave of layoffs …

Expect second wave to start in June with the target date of end of Aug. I loved Scott tear up and tell us that they did not congratulate on the promotions. Why don’t you cut us losers first and the celebrate your treason victory! What a sad show... —  read more 

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First phase of reorg

What a sad picture. So many people in Canton were already let go quietly and now official on ounce to of many more whol will depart through the year. A few promotions on Dunkin side cannot hide the fact that Canton team is getting destroyed. Our... —  read more 

Why are layoffs being spread out?

Just curious. In reading comments about the other brands post acquisition, it sounded like they were announced all in one day. So many are on edge because of how this seems to be dragging out (don't know much so maybe it's not?)


Anyone have an idea? It's no secret the first wave is happening this month. I just wish it would either happen already or the date be told.

Compared to others

I have many friends/family who work in other industries. They have been treated pretty badly by their companies. Laid off without notice, benefits cut, $401K matches suspended and much worse. At least with DB it’s not that bad. Others may not agree... —  read more 

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Annual bonuses pool

Annual bonuses pool has to be allocated prior to the sale of the company. I was expecting it to be paid out also at the same time. The fact that pay outs delayed till March is bad foe many reasons They will dangle the carrot so we all work... —  read more 

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Just trudging along

Anyone have an idea on what could happen to employees once the sale goes through? Will there be restructuring and layoffs or is it business as usual? I'm usually an optimist but I thought it better to check if I should carry on as usual or perhaps... —  read more 


If the merger completes (based on SEC filings) Golden Parachute Compensation. David Hoffmann $ 23,877,612 Katherine Jaspon $ 6,289,382 David Mann $ 4,297,010 Scott Murphy $ 6,523,718 The amounts reported... —  read more 

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Major store closings announced

We all knew this was coming, but I'll admit this is a larger number than I expected. good luck to everybody losing their jobs as a result of this. Dunkin' will close 450 locations inside convenience stores around the country before the end of the... —  read more 

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