Topics regarding layoffs at Wendy's International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wendy's International Inc.

How it happened

They sent us an email saying this wasnt going to effect us and then they were having closed door meetings with all the full time employees who just went straight home afterwards. A few days later they announced a "partnership" with Accenture. Then a... —  read more 

Will there be more?

Any ideas if we can expect any more cuts any time soon? This whole IT thing caught me by surprise and now I can't stop worrying that more might be coming.

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I feel betrayed

I'm sure I'm not the only one. With its latest move Wendy's went against everything it's supposed to stand for. And for what??? Do they really think getting rid of nearly the entire IT department will save money in the long run? Nope. I'm... —  read more 

IT layoffs

Nearly the entire IT dept. FTEs given end dates and packages. Knowledge transfer to replacements with Accenture. Expectation that positions held by contract employees with other groups also being given to Accenture. This comes after Accenture... —  read more 

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Always hiring, but never hiring

I too have noticed what others here have posted about. That we're always advertising for people, but we never hire any. I'm not in management but I can see we don't need anyone. Most days we're overstaffed with people doing nothing, waiting for a... —  read more 

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Wendy's Layoffs 2018

Whenever you think you are somewhat stable and safe think about it two times - you may be wrong. For example people, right now, are talking about job cuts here in Dublin.

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