Topics regarding layoffs at Sonic Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Sonic Corp.


Did anybody get promoted? I didn’t hear. Only heard of people who got a letter saying their job was safe, and people like myself got an end date of 60 days. Someone else got a different date than me. Theirs was for 6 months from now, and If they... —  read more 

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People First

Hopefully management is reading this: for those that you handed a so-called severance package to...many of us are sick of hearing your inspiring “People First” town hall pep rallies. Get real. Do you think we want to come to work to watch you blow... —  read more 

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Sonic Data Breach

"Sonic Corp gets down and very dirty. Lays off 40 employees, many of which have dedicated their lives to the company." Sonic Corporate executives should have focused on protecting the customers and dedicated employees, not their own wallets. KARMA

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