Topics regarding layoffs at Inspire Brands

Topics regarding layoffs at Inspire Brands

Subway is next ?

The rumor is that Inspire will be pursuing Subway due to attractive number of stores and historical low price… This fits well with Paul’s an acquisition a year strategy. Who is ready to pul up their sleeves and plow through another messy merger… — read more 

High turnover rates

Is anyone seeing long term employees leave and an unusual high rate of turnovers? I’m not sure what’s going on. We are losing our best and those that sign on only last for a few months at most. It definitely has a “meat grinder” feel and has morale... — read more 

CFO is out

Who would have thought that Inspire CFO, who helped to broker the Dunkin deal, will become a victim of his own success. Dunkin CFO was quick to bump David out. Kate successful charmed everyone in no time. It looks like a loyalty and dedication is... — read more 

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