Topics regarding layoffs at McDonald's Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at McDonald's Corp.

Good news for a change

McDonald’s Workers Win Jobs Back in Covid-19 Layoff Case A federal labor judge ordered the reinstatement of four McDonald’s workers laid off by a Connecticut franchisee in 2020, sending a warning shot to employers who use the pandemic as a... —  read more 

Poetic justice

After so many layoffs, so many firings, so much cr---y treatment of employees, McDonald's is now desperate for workers. And SHOCKINGLY they can't do anything to get people to work for them. Nothing is working. Higher pay, child care, paid days off... —  read more 

Rent Deferrals

McDonald’s said Tuesday it may offer some franchisees rent deferrals as restaurants close or see traffic plunge. The global fast-food giant also warned that the “negative financial impact” to its results cannot be reasonably estimated at this... —  read more 

Time to move on

Automation is about to hit McDonald's employees, and it's about to hit us hard. Thousands upon thousands of jobs will be lost. My advice is to try and find a new job as soon as possible - before the job market is over saturated. I know I've already... —  read more 

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The regional office closing

The regional office where I have been working for 3 years is closing. Just yesterday a position open in a different city, and they asked me about it. I’m so glad I gave them a firm “No”, this will only prolong the inevitable. I’m done with MCD and... —  read more 

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How many people is this?

Can anybody venture a guess at how many people constitute $80 million to $90 million in severance payments? McDonald's just announced that will be the charge in the current quarter for the restructuring, and it's the first indicator we have of how... —  read more 

Reorg 2018

Any updates on the reorg in the corporate office. Phase share any info you may have - there are rumors floating around but I am not sure how realistic they are.

Zero customer service skills

I’m all about customer service at Mcdonald’s. If you provide excellent service, then chances are you’ll get repeat business. I have a shift manager in my store that I swear doesn’t have an ounce of professionalism. I’ve caught her yelling at our... —  read more 

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Lousy management

I know working at McDonald’s is a mixed bag, but my experience is in the not so good variety. The management team at my location never heard the ‘lead by example’ phrase. Most seem more concerned with who is seeing who or other latest gossip. Crew... —  read more 

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Ever since they broke ground the other day in Chicago for their new headquarters layoffs will more than likely.

What's interesting is that parking is limited downtown; as well as paying for parking is outrageous... Do you think mcds will attract young talent by paying them wages as if they were working in oak brook? Cost of living in Chicago is much much... —  read more 

Headquarter Move

Sad to see McDonald's leave such a beautiful campus, and wonder area. If they are encouraged due to a tax break from the Mayor, whose going to be taking up the slack ? It's us that live and pay taxes in cook country. If McDonald's is leaving because... —  read more 

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