Topics regarding layoffs at Five Guys

Topics regarding layoffs at Five Guys

Five Guys Closing 2022

Here is a list with some Five Guys locations that got closed already. I've tracked the ones that are closed as of January 2022, but it should apply for the entire year. Five Guys opts to close locations all the time and the criteria varies on the... — read more 

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Like anything else, depending upon location and employees, Five Guys can be good or lousy. Unfortunately, the Five Guys near me went belly up in 2018 before the Pandemic because service stunk and the food was garbage (a Burger King Whopper was better... — read more 

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Sad to see what's happening

I used to work for Five Guys and moved on to bigger things. It’s too bad really that so many have closed down or are on the chopping block. My former location is sadly among them. In my opinion the food is better than In-N-Out. Granted it is more... — read more 

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Five Guys Closing 2021

Here are restaurants that already closed (list below), I was tracking California and closed in 2020. I am sure there will be more Five Guys joints that will be closing in 2021, I know for sure there are two locations in So Cal that already told... — read more 

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