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Impact of eliminating our early release Fridays

I'm sure we've all gone through the emotions of preparing for the loss of what has been a huge perk for us, our early release Fridays. But has anyone considered all the ways this will impact our benefits and pay? Some are obvious.

  • Will our pay reflect the additional hours worked? Salary could stay the same (which is not ideal) but what about hourly folks?
  • Our vacation is technically based on accruing by the hours worked. How will the additional hours per week affect our vacation? I'm guessing it'll be adjusted down to match our current vacation ladder.
  • But then, what about taking Fridays off? If you were to use 25 hours of vacation time now, you'd be able to take 5 Fridays. In the future, that would only give you 3 Fridays and a left over hour. Think about that.
  • Which then brings us to sick time. In the future, if you're out sick on a Friday, you will use more hours but if our total sick time benefits don't increase, we've lost on that front too.

Am I missing anything?

All i know is, if this is definitely being taken away, I hope they're realizing how much it changes our benefits. It was one of the many draws to come work for Dunkin'. Then, Dunkin' being such a great culture with great people is what made us stay. If both of those things go away, well....

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Yes!!! I remember seeing this as well. Sneaky. I almost just wish I could be laid off right now. The waiting is unbearable. Also those of us that are field-based don’t have to worry about going back to the office, so I wonder how they’ll get around this with my group.

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if you read your updated employment contract - working remote falls under flexible working arrangements. It calls out specifically, that if company cannot accommodate it anymore, it gives them legal grounds to terminate you without severance! Thank you for all merger folks for sneaking it in back in Nov 2020!

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Are you ready for all in office starting September?

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I get what the OP is saying. For those who get to keep their jobs, it's already a disadvantage to start with. Nothing wrong with wanting to keep your existing benefits in fact as much as possible, especially for those who've been around for awhile.

And to be honest, your post sounds rather bitter. No reason to bash the company as you have.

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I believe you worry too much about small things… You are about to loose your job and you are worried about half Fridays?

You cannot even get a cup of coffee at work anymore. Except next week when Central will be loaded all food options and ice creams to make an impression of happy life at legacy Dunkin for visiting CEO from Atlanta.

Dunkin the way we know is gone and it is time to stop dwelling and focus on the future.

Also on the side note, if you are tired of sampling unsuccessful attempt of our culinary geniuses to mimic best competitive produce, do yourself a favor and visit Starbucks. The originals taste better than Dunkin cr-p!

It was us, the people who made the company great, not the top management who sold us in bulk…

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