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Dunkin treats its employees as trush ...

Used cups ... used people

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FWIW - and it doesn't sound like it will be worth much to the last poster - I'm far from a VP.

I'm truly sad over the many losses we've all experienced. So many friends and great colleagues are gone as is a big part of our culture and it stings. But I'm still here and WILL make the best of it because that's what you do in life. If you don't, you will always be miserable. The choice is yours to make.

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You sound like one of VPs who threw direct reports under a bus to prolong their own survival... Remember it was Dunkin managers who selected who stays and who goes. Betrayals of its own...

Funny that you mentioned "folks who disagree" ... well they are not around anymore, don't they?

Time is approaching quickly when the rest will be let go WITHOUT Dunkin benefits. Contract spells Dec 31 so good luck to the rest of you who stayed.

By the way , how is Inspire Kool-Aid ... Diarrhea anyone ?

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Maybe I'm missing something but what does this article or IG account have to do with Dunkin' employees??

Back up your statement if you're going to post something like that.

And btw, there's alot of folks who would disagree!

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