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If the merger completes (based on SEC filings)

Golden Parachute Compensation.

David Hoffmann $ 23,877,612
Katherine Jaspon $ 6,289,382

  1. David Mann $ 4,297,010

Scott Murphy $ 6,523,718

The amounts reported in this column represent “double-trigger” amounts payable to the NEO pursuant to the CIC Plan, as described above under “Item 3. Past Contacts, Transactions, Negotiations and Agreements—Arrangements with Current Executive Officers, Directors and Affiliates of the Company—Payments to Executive Officers Upon Termination Following a Change in Control.

The amounts reported in this column include the aggregate dollar value of the unvested Company Stock Options, RSUs and PSUs held by the NEOs as of November 6, 2020.

David Hoffmann $ 4,486,291
Katherine Jaspon $ 1,205,282

  1. David Mann $ 605,240

Scott Murphy $ 1,106,666

The approximate value of the cash payments that each director and executive officer of the Company will receive in connection with the consummation of the Merger as a result of the cancellation of his or her Company Stock Options (assuming that each such director and executive officer does not otherwise exercise any outstanding and vested stock options between November 6, 2020 and the Effective Time) is set forth in the table below. This information is based on the number of Company Stock Options held by the Company’s directors and executive officers as of November 6, 2020.

Executive Officers
Nigel Travis $ 35,551,055
David Hoffmann $ 25,778,275
Katherine Jaspon $ 9,389,845
Stephanie Lilak $ 1,218,053
Jason Maceda $ 3,996,786

  1. David Mann $ 2,558,982

Scott Murphy $ 10,448,038
Karen Raskopf $ 2,084,646
John Varughese $ 5,009,010

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