Topics regarding layoffs at Hain Celestial Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Hain Celestial Group Inc.

Wendy’s metric

Stock price when she took over: approx. $19 Stock price now:approx. $9.50 Put down the phone, put down the social media, stop all the ridiculous posts celebrating mediocrity and lead the company!

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Earning results

Poor results…… again. Someone asked already, but how much longer with the same sales leadership? It’s nice to see the new branding but where is the substance? Wall Street has spoken

Reimagined Results

When will we start to see positive results? Stock is still very poor. The cue card holiday video was really lame and poorly timed. why post the video a couple weeks after layoffs? Very sad to see this ridiculous internal propaganda that probably... — read more 

Bell plant shutdown

The end is looming near for the plant. Word is an announcement in early November. Personal Care is dying. The CEO has purposely stayed away from PC and not visited to avoid negative PR. Her behavior is starting to really show her lack of empathy and... — read more 

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Hain Reimagined

Lay offs looming near - word is that supply chain will take a big haircut due to new planning system upgrade. Sales also due a trim due to continued failure.

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