Topics regarding layoffs at General Mills Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Mills Inc.

HR communication today

First, my thoughts are with everyone. I’m “safe” but been incredibly emotional all day for my coworkers because this was NOT handled correctly. Second, today’s “communication” was atrocious. A five minute video saying absolutely nothing then a... —  read more 

It's happening

Layoffs have started, that much is obvious. I'm just upset over how little transparency there is about the whole process. We need to guess how many are affected and who is the next to be hit. You can't tell me there are no better ways to do this... —  read more 

Anxiety levels?

My anxiety level is astronomical because this is the worst period for me personally to get cut. Basically, the feelings are mixed, I don't know if I'm more worried or more frustrated because I feel very used by this company. On the other... —  read more 

Cost savings?

Where are cost savings going to come from now? The company has been cutting cost for many years and still has trouble growing profit. Any ideas???

Cost saving on training

I don't care how bad the situation is at a company, you do not save on costs by not offering safety training! People who work for General Mills work in a number of hazardous environments where they can not only hurt themselves, but also lose their... —  read more 

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Way too focused on Wall Street

As many other businesses in this day and age, General Mills has become way too focused on Wall Street. The good of the employee has been completely overshadowed by the bottom line. We are always understaffed, associates are trained poorly, and we are... —  read more 

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