Topics regarding layoffs at TreeHouse Foods Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at TreeHouse Foods Inc.

Treehouse Foods Layoffs 2022

Green Bay WI had 80-90 professional jobs laid off in 2022 and no one even talked about it! Sad part is they laid off the jobs and sent them as contracted work to India! Talk about a company not here for the American People!

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I think sales of divisions is coming. Don't know what the future holds for the saint Louis office but the culture, the morale of the people and the lack of openess and reassurance from treehouse does not leave the warm and fuzz. Like walking into a... — read more 

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One successful Quarter

So..... One successful Quarter. Funny the analysts are not that thrilled about it. Specifically mention that cost cutting is nice but does not prove long term viability. Lest us see what happens when the brokers fully take over.

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