Topics regarding layoffs at ADM

Topics regarding layoffs at ADM


Not safe place to work! Unsafe stairs and walk ways 40 feet in air. Rusted and damaged stainless steel. They know they don’t care until someone falls and dies and then and only then will osha regulate regular inspections and upkeep

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And what can we employees expect?

"Looking forward, we expect reduced crop supplies — caused by the weak Canadian canola crop, the short South American crops, and now the disruptions in the Black Sea region — to drive continued tightness in global grain markets for the next few... — read more 

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There were no recent layoffs

Actually, it’s been months since our last round. I'm starting to think we might be safe now even though we are in the middle of a pandemic. I know it will be another year at least until the economy rights itself, but since other companies have had... — read more 

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GBS Org Announcement

Haven't seen this yet on this site. Anyone worried about their job since the announcement last week? I don't think I'll be affected but it does put a wrench on the back to work plans.

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Firing commercial workers

Got an email saying Milling is firing commercial workers. Heard that included our head merchandiser, hr lady, and scheduler. Hope it’s not true. All three good people who do a great job!

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No wonder everybody leaves

To be honest I don’t even bother to learn the names of the new people that get hired, as I know they will be gone shortly. Some leave, because they can;t take the tempo of work, some leave for better opportunities or even worse opportunities with... — read more 

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Adding useless layer of management

I believe everybody knows that this company has the habit of rewarding yes man and a– kissers rather than capable people.As bad a bractis as this is it has created an even bigger problem, a problem that could have devastating consequences for the... — read more 

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More work for same pay

This place has gone from bad to worse lately. The amount of work we are supposed to do has been increasing constantly and the pay has been stagnating at best. If you are a salaried employee, expect to be taken advantage of to the maximum and not be... — read more 

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