Topics regarding layoffs at Tyson Foods

Topics regarding layoffs at Tyson Foods

62 positions to be eliminated

Tyson Foods Inc. has informed the state of Wisconsin that its LD Foods plant in Jefferson will be closed permanently effective Sept. 16.

Wall Street Questions for Tyson Foods

What are the amounts/ observations that are made organically vs. inorganically in the segments? How much does Tyson rely on using their debt revolver? If they made all these profitable acquisitions in prior years why not pay them off?

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What are people’s opinion on the new incoming CEO Dean Banks? Just saw Facebook posting with him in it talking about about the 140,000 employees. What’s sad is that he has a background of robotics from California. Robotics will take place in the... —  read more 

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New HR at Tyson

What Tyson needs is to organically grow and look for great candidates within the company... not outside of the company... there goes the moral; watch layoffs will probably start soon... terrible. Another great opportunity missed and another step... —  read more 

So much nepotism

If you are hoping to build a career at Tyson Foods, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. All promotions that become available will go to family or friends of management. Merit means nothing here. It’s really disheartening to give your all to a company... —  read more 

It cio

What is going on in IT right now? Taking bets on how long status quo lasts over there between a toxic, egocentric, alpha male culture and we'll known leadership fascination with young, attractive female technologists. Sad for those who knew it when... —  read more 

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Layoffs This Week

I have 2 friends that work for Tyson in Cincinnati and they were laid off this week. Took their tax cuts and are cutting employees. Horrid company run by horrid people.

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SG will leave next as it was assumed she was next in line to be CEO. Maybe the Board appointed NW because of his experience with navigating a volatile commodity market in the midst of a possible trade war. I’m not sure if her contract stipulates a... —  read more 

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Remaining outlook

With big companies like Conagra and pinnacle becoming one.. what is the out look for Tyson and HF brands? Do you think to cut cost and become more profitable that lay offs will occur in the next 6mo at corporate level? Would recommend the company to... —  read more 

We are training our replacements

What really gets me upset is they’re hiring people to replace us. They’re bringing in all these IT people from the outside and pushing us out. The joke is going to be on those guys. Once another reorg happens they’ll be out on their rears too. What... —  read more 

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More layoffs

200 layoffs announced at Van Buren, AR plant on 03/05/18. Just 7 days after handing out one time $1000 bonuses, which were actually $620 after taxes. sad! Bumped from an old thread for info. It's sad how many companies have done this in the past few... —  read more 

Deloitte needs to go

When do we admit this contract was a very bad very expensive experiment and cut our losses? Their performance on pilots while trying to lead and figure out their own crap behind the scenes at the same time is going to kill us in 2018. My business... —  read more 

Bloody Wednesday

It's Bloody Wednesday at Tyson Foods. IT dept is getting the axe today. My group had 40+ people. At least 6 got the axe this morning. More to come, I'm sure. This has been in the works for some time, but the Jackass in charge has kept everything so... —  read more 

Tyson is about to be outpaced

The shire doesn't have C's. Dunno if you missed the memo or what. Unless you work for a Chicago based consulting firm to give you a pat on the back or guide you because you have no clue what you're doing no decisions are made. Used to they didn't... —  read more 

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