Topics regarding layoffs at Weight Watchers International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Weight Watchers International Inc.

Possible March layoffs

Corp layoffs usually happen in March so many should be worried. Centers are closing in my former newly expanded territory. 199 leases are up this year, they are losing money in the centers and said in the investor's meeting in August they would be... —  read more 

Finally found a new job

Started last month. It was hard but I'm more than satisfied. It occured to me to check this place once again to see how others are doing just to see there were even more cuts. I'm so sorry! I'm not sure if this will mean anything right now, but there... —  read more 

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Why not get rid of Mindy and Oprah

I was termnated 6 months ago. It was a shame we had to be terminated the way we were. I have not attended the on line meetings and dont plan to. I would not trust Oprah or Mindy Grossman as far as I could throw a stick they are both pretty low on... —  read more 

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It's been four months

Four months since we were laid off and I'm still looking for a job. It's really slim pickings for women my age as it is, and when you add the coronavirus into the mix... Let's just say things get pretty depressing. I'm wondering about the rest of... —  read more 

Wage restructure

Now WW has restructured pay for coaches and guides. They based it on the number of workshops, product sales, etc. In 2019. So those in small areas are taking a paycut, while our urban counterparts will make much more. We all provide the same service... —  read more 

Still mad about this

I'm still not over this. Still not over how badly it was handled. And frankly, I just want to take their "lifelong membership" and tell everybody involved exactly what they can do with it and where they can shove it!!! Okay, I feel a little better... —  read more 

Very little media coverage?

Considering all the parties involved, you'd think media would be overjoyed to jump at the opportunity to cover this whole debacle. But I guess everybody is scared of stepping on Oprah's toes. Which is really sad, considering how badly this whole... —  read more 

Layoff Criteria

What kind of criteria was used to determine who is going to end up on the layoff list? They kept guides that have been with the company fewer years than me and I was an LC as well. I had stellar reviews and was constantly getting praise for my... —  read more 

Zoom call invitation

I am just going to leave this here for documentation purposes 4 Min Zoom WW/Weight Watchers Massacure Invitation ‐— From: StudioPeopleTeam Date: Wed, May 13, 2020, 10:44 PM Subject: Attendance Required! WW Business Update... —  read more 

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