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Dean Foods is collapsing

Dean Foods is collapsing and will be the biggest collapse in CPG history. Shares sinking, closing Lynn Plant and losing 500 customers, market basket just kicked Garelick Farms to the curb and Stop & shop is next to kick out Garelick farms. Milk was... read more

Are we nearing bankruptcy?

Been looking at what happened to Sears, and I'm starting to think Dean Foods is headed in the same direction. From everything I'm seeing it looks like that absent some miracle, we'll be filing Chapter 11 sooner rather than later. Am I just being... read more



Whats in the future for Deans food

wondering since the routes have been downsized to 4 day work weeks with 2 men doing same its(which to me is more costly) will the men eventually go back to 5 day work weeks after the restructuring is completed?

Blue bunny looking at Dean Foods?

Blue bunny execs being showed around belvidere ice cream plant. Any other plants have these visitors?
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Any new news?

Does anyone have any information after the Q3 call and the stock dropping in value of roughly 25%??

Dean Foods layoffs soon

It's happening very soon everywhere, every level, every location. They will be coming looking for heads to make Q4. Found this in another thread. Any chance we can get some more info on this? Can anybody confirm if this is even true or not? It sounds... read more

There is life after Dean Foods.

Last month I got out of a toxic frustration factory filled with hypocrisy, double standards, back-stabbers and ego-maniacs. Everyone should think about their health and sanity, my husband said he’s starting to see the woman he married, I found... read more

Is the end near

Work at the sharpsville plant is a complete disaster. With the changes in the plant...stores rarely get what they order and when they do its up to a day late sometimes...the new ordeting system is a failure...customers are leaving in droves... read more

Plant closings in new year?

Has anyone else heard that in January more plants closures may be announced. If so, does anyone have a clue who might be getting the axe?

Milking the business to last drop

Dean Foods' stock plunges toward 7-year low after J.P. Morgan turns bearish. Folks hope your not F———ED! You better have a bug out plan, and start before your identified as Dean trash as the place closes down, they changed the game so that they get... read more

More jobs gone

We just received an email stating that "some" roles within Accounting and AP will be eliminated and other transitioned to Dallas. The email states that "we are on a journey of continuous improvement" how is moving everything to a central location... read more

Dean Foods list of closing plants 2018

Hello all - full disclaimer, I am not a Dean Foods employee - I wanted to see if you have a list of all plants that Dan Foods closed recently. I am getting conflicting info based on the websites I visited, I also saw some posts on social media... read more

Closings and layoffs will continue

Things at Deans have now started to move in a certain direction, and I don't see they'll be stopping any time soon. Plant closings and Layoffs will continue for as long as there is anybody left who is making more than the entry level guy. I have seen... read more

Plant order entry losing jobs

My plant was brought in for a meeting and told about the 7 plants shutting down. We are also losing our order entry department. Multiple plant have switched over to a "ordering hub" if you will in texas, but for those that haven't switched yet should... read more

Dairy Fluid Milk everywhere in danger

so they just closed Virginia plant and come October they will close Braselton Georgia plant, they over reached and borrowed so much to take the markets.... Government let them.... some plants sure local tax breaks stopped. Huntley Il was a powerhouse... read more

How is it decided?

Just wondering, how is it decided which plants get slated for closure? Is there any way to determine which ones are more likely to end up on Dean Foods' hit list? I have to admit, this whole waiting game thing has me stressing much more than it is... read more


Dean Foods Huntley, IL will close September 2018. Announced a few days back.

The Demise of Dean

Well where do I start about the management of this company. Let’s just say that two former CEO’s “milked” the company for all they could. Google the names Gregg Engles and Greg Tanner and look at their net worth . Over $60 million combined . Amazing... read more

mayfield closing

we had meeting today and learned mayfield in braselton ga will be closing its doors in september. 130 people will be out of work.

Dean Foods to close ten more plants

Dean foods is expected to close 10 plants, and I know a lot of people lost their cell phones and purchase cards. I know everyone is expecting plants near the new Walmart super dairy is opening, but that still leaves like 5 plants. Anybody has more... read more

Five more plants closing this year

The rumors are 5 more plants closing this year. Lynn is loosing a million per month and will be closed or sold. I moved on before being fired or laid off. Dean had become the worst company ever Does anybody know if this is true? If it is, which... read more

Deans foods

has anyone heard what is going on with Deans Foods, the men are going to 4 days a week on rts and are told to work 48 hrs but have been given more stops. Any input

Deliver milk and make the customer happy

How about we get back to basics... deliver milk... satisfy the customers. And our business will grow itself. We don't need the high paid morons to ruin it to death. I'm a 20 year employee, got another 20 to go... I can't see this place being here for... read more


Deans has lost Food Lion business will lose Walmart and Sams in mid west all sales force let go where is volume coming from??? Ripe for take over. Company higher ups have no idea how to run dairy company

Good People are being cut

I was laid off from Dean, I was taken out in August 17, more just were laid off Friday 2-23-18, this CEO has done nothing but run this company into the ground....Good People are being cut that added value everyday...Sad

Age discrimination at Dean Foods

if you are management or sales with tenure and you're older than 60 or a female they will fire you!!! They just laid off several people in 3 states all over the age of 60 or female. This company is pathetic - they only give - 1 week per year of... read more

Dean Foods Layoffs

They are laying off everywhere!!!! At DFW they canned Sales Tax team and the AP Manager. At Cityplace they dumped HR lead and others. They are also closing some plants. Rumor has more layoffs to come. Field Area Managers and Field Area Supervisors... read more

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