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DFA now losing Deans business

giant eagle ice cream business on the way out !!! DFA must have went for a home run raising the price. And a swing and a miss !!! Taking giant eagle business elsewhere. Sure hope they don't continue this practice or soon we will make nothing!!

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with the company changes the employees have suffered loss of work hours , in the past 2 years we have went from 60 hours to 40 now barely 30. We cannot cont working like this, something has got to give, we lost the biggest account we had Dollar... —  read more 

Expect more closures

As well as more layoffs. It's obvious that the company has once more decided to cut its way to profit. I'm not sure that's possible, considering that every time they've tried it before it didn't work, which is why we are in this situation as it is... —  read more 


What is so great about you guys??? All you are is a bunch of mules. Half the time you guys don’t even help load or move a crate at stores. All you do is sign dockets.

Didn't pay hazard pay

While on the front line didn't pay hazard pay worked everyday 6 days a week record numbers of getting milk out and didn't offer nothing but a gallon of milk to each employees we put our life on the line ..


With Dean Foods using all kinds of underhanded methods to get rid of employees - such as firings for no reason - is it even realistic to expect to receive any kind of severance once the next round of layoffs arrives? They don't even seem to care... —  read more 

Former Dean Foods CEO Buying Borden Dairy Gregg Engle$ Wonder how many millions he'll milk (pun intended) Borden's for before he sells the profitable parts for a big personal... —  read more 

DFA cutting labor cost 30% by 2023.

Inside sources in Kansas City finished up with a meeting Friday. Tiny morsel has been thrown my way that DFA will be in the process of reorganization of plant labor and to cut staff to do more with less bodies.


when will all the Dollar Generals be gone? Theres alot of concerns about losing these stores. Alot of the new routes consist of schools but with covid-19 some may not open again, or if so they will open late fall, some routes will be 2 days worth of... —  read more 

Where is Fruit Rush sold?

I work at a different company which also has a very active forum on this website and I've never seen this product before until I got it at a food bank. The plant number is 04-607.


Guess it ain’t over yet

Food Lion suing DFA over monopoly concerns Don't think it will get very far, but expect others to follow if it does.

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Mmmmmm so no hazard pay?

A lot of the beverage and other food vendors are beginning Hazard pay to their drivers as well as warehouse workers. Didn't hear anything of Dean Foods offering this before the buyout. Now that we are DFA there's still no talk of it at all anybody... —  read more 


What are there plans are they gonna put on new business or are they gonna wait for next corporate stop to open a new location

DFA Le Mars.......

What is so “special” about this facility? Constant talk on here about this place. What is it? Skilled labor, state of the art equip, pay rates, location, family life? Someone please fill me in. This whole board is full of Le Mars.

Job postings?

Just curious. Why does Dean foods continue to post new positions when they don't exist? How long before those jobs are transferred to the DFA site?

Covid testing in plants?

Don’t you think DFA should test workers in our plants? A lot of people are not symptomatic and we could be bringing the virus home. Will they test?

Garelick farms Franklin Ma

With DFA having to now sell off three plants, including Franklin MA, will the original owner, finacial advisor for dfa, Al Bernon purchase back the company. Rumor has it Yes. Any insight?

Hiland/Prarie Farms

I just have to say as a consumer. The milk quality and flavor is nothing close to Deans or PL milk from Le Mars. I drank Hiland in Omaha. And was nasty. Good luck trying to sell this garbage product SIOUX FALLS.

So it's final (for most) "Dean Foods Company ("Dean Foods" or the "Company") today announced that it has completed the previously announced sales of substantially all of its assets, including the sale of the assets, rights... —  read more 

Look at that!!!

I told all of you Hiland was putting in an offer to buy a Deans plant. And look what happened. They bought Sioux Falls and turned it into Prairie Farms. I called this 2 months ago.

What about prairie farms

Any inside scoop on the plants that were purchased by prairie farms?? Are they gonna come in and cut routes, shutter plants, etc... I was worried at first when dfa passed us over, I do feel somewhat better about prairie.. been with deans a long... —  read more 

DFA just announced price cut to member farms

Total bs. Effective May 2020 you get paid the full price for only 85% of your March production BUT they purchased Dean Foods for $433 million. This is what the monopoly of agriculture has created in the dairy, beef, & pork sectors. One or very few... —  read more 

DFA take over.

If the deal must be finalized by Friday, when will be DFA's first official day after new owner?

Chemung (Harvard, IL) and DePere, WI

Can anyone confirm or deny that DFA is shedding DePere and Chemung as assets to make this sale go through. Any thoughts of closing Cedarburg (Kemps) instead. Rumors are that there are interested buyers in Chemung and DePere, I have names but this... —  read more 


My manager in Texas is being let go tomorrow to make room for 3 demotions above him. He’s the best manager I’ve had I feel so bad for him because they told him last week and are making him work. I’m worried I’m next or at least a pay cut. Maybe I... —  read more 

Stock prices

I don't care if the DFA deal goes through or if the Borden merger goes through. I just want those stock prices to go back up!

DOJ Decision

I dont see how the DOJ can approve DFA buying Dean Foods now that there is an alternative plan that wont result in a monopoly in the dairy industry. Independent farmers are very worried that if DFA buys Dean Foods, their farms will be have to either... —  read more 

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