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Good luck UNIONS. HA!!!!

You guys beating your chest like you hold all the cards in a stacked deck. Well guess what??? Farmers already dumping milk and cheese is failing as well. All DFA has to do now is sell your plant to developers for a hell of a lot more than the $9... —  read more 

DFA final Offer

DFA forth a last and final offer. Drivers who work 4 10hr days overtime after 48 hrs only. Drivers who work 5 eight hrs day no overtime in tell after 50 hrs worked. Number 2 end all zipper clause meaning the company can do whatever it wants to... —  read more 

Do managers need to worry?

So I have a question about management at each plant. Supposedly as part of the agreement, DFA is supposed to offer employment to existing employees. Does this include management? For example, does the plant manager, HR manager, finance manager, QA... —  read more 


I Don't work for Deans or DFA But have had a lot of Friends that were teamsters years ago many men who are long Dead and gone. They are the ones who fought tooth and nail went on strike had no rights at all had kids and a wife at home and were the... —  read more 


Big objections coming in As the Ad Hoc Group previously disclosed to this Court in the Bidding Procedures Objection, DFA’s bid includes problematic... —  read more 


I work at one of the plants. Not saying which one to protect myself. But, wages are bare bones here. Those of you used to making big money will be in for a rude awakening. Heath in’s and dental is sky high as well. Upper management who will be... —  read more 

Tough Times

Millions of unemployed Americans are looking for work, Not the best time to try and play hardball with the CBA. The days of making big money with great benefits may have to come to an end.


Bids have been officially announced and posted on the Epiq website! Can someone please disect it and tell us what it means? For example I see that DFA is the successful bidder, but there are alternate bids too. What do the alternate bids mean? Does... —  read more 

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So....its quite...what happen.

Today is the big day for the bids Cant find any details of the results. Anyone heard anything? They said this was a huge day but the results seem silent of very quite. cricket cricket cricket.....

Highest bid

Who do you guys think will submit the highest bid? And who do you think it will be ? Does DFA still have a chance

Difficult times

I am just happy I have a job nowadays. Look at the madness all around. Good luck all.

Force Majour

What does the letter that went out claiming force Majour mean. Telling customers up front your goi g up .25 does this not hint of collusion with your competitors? What will the major buyers do? Aldi? Walmart? Winco? I would say they are going to... —  read more 

Secret visitors

We had "secret" visitors at our Utah ice cream plant last week. Found out they were from BlueBunny (wells.) Not sure if they will bid, but shows they are at least somewhat interested. Kinda threw us for a loop because we had it set in our minds that... —  read more 

10k is wonky -

Shipping and handling costs that were recorded as a component of selling and distribution expense were $1.2 billion in 2019, $1.2 billion in 2018 and $1.2 billion in 2017. They need to investigate their shipping aspects its confusing on how they... —  read more 

DFA pulled out the deal


March 30th all bids in April 1st any objections to bids April 3rd sale hearing This was all filed yesterday...all bids for plants will include if potential buyer would accept or reject cba's and certain debt and leases of the company

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So it looks like we're in quite an interesting predicament. Chapter 11 and then possible chapter 7 or the DFA deal going through. It looks like certain States or shutting down for the meet time. Or setting down for a certain extent. Will this have... —  read more 

What if

Let's say the deal doesn't go through DFA is not allowed to buy what they're wanting to buy offer Dean Foods. But we're still in bankruptcy right? So let's say May comes up and the deal doesn't go through what happens next? What will happen to all of... —  read more 

More lost business

I dont know about the rest of the country but in Indiana we just lost Pilot. Our wonderful sales team loses more business. The sales also let a local gas chain go because the chain wanted us to take all or nothing so sales said nothing. Such id–ts... —  read more 

No deal

This deal with dfa is not going to happen to many objections

This document is critical to deans full link The reason the Court allows for Amicus Curiae filing is to bring to light relevant issues that the Court may not be aware of, to facilitate the Courts... —  read more 

DFA Business

Anybody know if DFA will be bringing any new business with them if this all goes through?

Coronavirus Outbreak impacting dairy industry

Full story The United States is one of largest milk producers. Most of the milk exported goes to China and Mexico. If China stops importing milk for months... —  read more 


Anyone have any information on the International trying to get a national contract?? Supposed to be meetings in Chicago???

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