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What happens to drivers at plants that were not purchased (Miami)

Fellow Teamster from the creamery!!

I am a teamster with Dean's. we would like to know what to expect if dfa does take over. any major changes to health care ?pension? Pay scales ? Working conditions? Thanks in advance to any input. Lot of nerves on edge right now

To soon to celebrate

DFA’s stalking horse bid sets the floor price of the sale of Dean, the country’s largest milk producer, to prevent low-ball offers ahead of its April 13 deadline and potential auction set for April 20. If Dean, headquartered in Dallas, accepts a... —  read more 

Central States Pension Liability?

Will DFA will assume all liabilities like the over $800 million Central States pension liability? If so they really would be paying $1.225 billion?

This DFA deal is bad

44 plants and all the stuff that goes with them for 425 million dollars? That's 9.7 million dollars per plant. That's dirt cheap. When Deans filed bankruptcy and reported they were talking to DFA the lawyer for the bondholders protested. He stated... —  read more 


Under the deal, Dairy Farmers of America also agreed to make job offers to Dean Foods workers at the 44 facilities. Dean Foods has about 15,000 employees nationwide.

My plant was not included...

My guess is DFA took the most populated cities, and left the rural ones to fend for themselves. I can't fault them it makes sense. Also in looking at the 2 other big milk companies that I know of, they pulled out of the cities that were already... —  read more 

Still not drinking the Trumoo

Who feels more secure about this deal? Honestly it looks good on paper but if it goes through do you really think dfa wants to keep all 44 plants online when milk consumption has been in decline ?. Also what will happen to locations that have been... —  read more 

DFA goes for the buy

I guess everybody got that list of what plants are going to be shut down and which ones are not. Which one's got bought and which ones did not get bought not too sure which one of the unions and which ones are not. Prior to working at Dean Foods was... —  read more 

Berkeley Farms in California closing?

DFA does not want them. Not included in deal. I thought someone on here was beating their chest like King Kong bragging how they are modern and great????

Sinking ship

DFA will acquire 44 of the Company’s fluid and frozen facilities and the real estate, inventory, equipment, and all other assets necessary to operate such facilities (the “Stalking Horse Assets”).

Should the government take over? link to full story

How did Dean Foods get into this mess? Yes, there has been a decrease in the overall consumption of dairy milk as people buy soy, almond and pecan varieties. While true, this is only part of the story. A complete telling of Dean’s financial ruin... —  read more 

Teamsters file objection

To dean's 37 million stip and kerp compensation.also 2 new court dates March 30 and April 22 omnibus hearings

Borden Dean merger???

Borden and Dean met for 30 minutes and couldn’t come to an agreement. Google dean foods

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Mmmmmmm meeting next week.

So does the mandatory group driver meeting next week. anybody else have a meeting next week on Wednesday? . Wondering what this is going to be about the safety update? The future D food?

2 questions

First, if Dean and DFA already have a failed past and a rocky current relationship, how will DFA make any money bottling and selling milk without lowering the price it pays for members’ milk it hopes to bottle? Secondly, who exactly is DFA going... —  read more 

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Court hearings

So did anything come out of todays hearing?? Im no expert but I don't see anything that means anything. Stock did not nose dive so guess business as usual? How long can they survive? Not one change at my plant way too much overtime and way too many... —  read more 

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New 8-K on Company website

Feb 10th was the deadline for company to notify court of planned sale or to file a plan detailing the planned restructure of the company. Deadline has been extended to Feb 24.

How much longer is this gonna go on?

Honestly Im ready for the place to close but dont want to be that guy who left a good paying job. Im not a vet so i dont have any infatuation that some of you older guys have for the milk industry. Im just ready to move on with my life already

Feb10th Court doc.

CEO Scozzafava provided an update on the potential sale of the company “It’s very possible that we won’t do anything, and we’ll continue to execute the plan that we have, which we’re very happy with, and we’ll continue to make progress on it.”... —  read more 

No deal in sight

Dairy Farmers of America Inc. said its plan to buy Dean Foods Co. assets is taking longer than expected because of the “complicated” nature of the business.

Could a Government Bailout Be Possible?

With milk being still a necessary product in schools, hospitals, military and other institutions. Seeing the government offer dollars to the farmers for supplements during the China tariffs trade war, I cant help but think that a offer to assist the... —  read more 

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Deferred Compensation - Are you kidding me?

Today the tone-deaf HR leadership of Dean sends a note advising employees that they have the option of deferring a portion of their 2019 STI bonus. Fascinating bit of news since there are many, many dean foods employees who had deferred comp... —  read more 

Feb 12 ....its coming

What's going to happen any details? Does anybody know news has been super quiet about this. Possible DF could last till 2021?

Dean Foods Le Mars

Wells Enterprises has officially bowed out of all interest in Le Mars plant. Asking price for plant and former Schuster office space currently under Deans ownership was too steep. $21,750,000 was what I was told. Again my insider works for Wells... —  read more 

Real facts

Did you know.... Walmart built a dairy in Indiana to basically undersell Dean/Mayfields production... Then after the bankruptcy, offered the production to Dean Foods at the lower price so they could keep the doors open and shut down the Indiana... —  read more 


Why is it every time a meaningful post shows up it is deleted?? What about everyone's thoughts on February 11th???!!!

Will it happen

Dairy Farmers of America gives statement on potential Dean Foods merger

Stock hit 34 cents today

What's driving people to but this supposedly soon to be worthless stock? Is the Phoenix going to rise from the ashes?should have bought at its low of 4 cents maybe?

Post ID: @OP+13gEGwf1 is quite in

It been mentioned previously that there were going to be some things reported or updated in February. Now that February is literally right around the corner. Anybody heard what's the come? 850 million and still hanging out there we still riding on... —  read more 

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