Topics regarding layoffs at Dean Foods Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Dean Foods Co.

Covid Vaccine

Will DFA make getting the vaccine mandatory? As of now it is not mandated that I get the vaccine at the plant that I work at. Is it mandatory at any of the plants you guys work at?


All cvs across the country will be outsourced by end of year company realizes they are a loss and don’t want to make the same mistakes as dean

What made you quit?

What was the thing that finally pushed you over the edge and made you say this is it? I'm worried about leaving without a new job lined up but after a confrontation I had with my manager yesterday (he accused me of not doing something that's not part... —  read more 


Just warning you. My plant is cutting the old and beat up vets here in favor of cheap temps and young women. Even have our 58 year old supervisor drooling and giving preferred treatment to a 19 year girl who just started as a filler operator.

The bullies are back!!!

DFA no different than Deans at my plant. Management is forcing us to work 12 hours shifts all thru Christmas to meet holiday demands. Just told we are getting another 100,000 gallons of sour to pump out the door bi weekly and 20 vats of cottage... —  read more 

Is it the same or worse?

I left over a year ago on good terms. I was just notified by my current company that my position has been eliminated and now I am stuck trying to start over. I am thinking of reapplying to Dean’s but the reason I left in the first place was due to... —  read more 

DFA trucker warning

News out of KC yearly manager meeting today. DFA going nationwide mass warehousing. Routes slashed in half. Truckers will be forced to deliver to warehouses then DFA will contract local haulers from there in an attempt to cut benefits and health care... —  read more 

No improvement or changes !!

Do any of you see any signs of improvement at your plants? Anyone from DFA doing anything? Seems like nothing is changing in Midwest. DFA is just the new version of deans, all talk and NO action!!! Dfa management is a no show !! They just "work from... —  read more 

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They own us now and is the biggest joke of a company I have ever seen here in Le Mars. We are getting run into the ground. Working 6 days a week while other plants barely crack 40. How fair is that?? Sick and tired of these companies treating us... —  read more 

Give me CREDIT

Back in 2019 I came on here and called mass layoffs. I called plant closures. I called everyone not getting your hard earned pensions regardless if you are in a union. All I got on here was censored and put down. Well guess what?? I’m the one... —  read more 

More management?

Our ice cream plant all of a sudden needs 2 more management positions!! The ones we got can't do their jobs so dfa decided we must need more mismanagement? Athens ice cream is losing volume to us so is that the first plant going down?

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Is things going to get any better? I have not worked a 40 hour week in weeks, if not months! Losing the Dollar Generals has destroyed us. Our stops are mostly schools now , when schools are out then what? Some men are getting 40 plus hours while... —  read more 

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