Topics regarding layoffs at Mars

Topics regarding layoffs at Mars

The fall of Mars wrigley

So much has changed in fours years. Mars wrigley no longer feels like a family owned company and no longer follows its 5 principles, unless it’s for a press release. The convienience store team was completely gutted as the business switches to third... — read more 

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Lack of respect

Lack of respect for TSM in general, risking lives in stores while anyone above is forbbiden to travel and kept safe.....Double standard much? They act for show as if they care and then disguise layoffs as a different name to protect the company... — read more 

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Fix it

Leadership is to blame, they have such bad strategy and lack of knowledge of the true business. The blame TSM for a bad covid strategy that many seen coming except them. Too busy going to big meetings looking at each other with goo goo eyes while... — read more 

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C-Store Team Being Gutted

More than 100 positions being eliminated in the c-store team. Announcement early November will be made about what positions are affected. Leadership always says they put us first but it’s clear after the last 3 years that the mighty dollar is what... — read more 

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Mid 2020: Any information?

Larry, I’ve seen a lot of people leaving, there’s a hiring freeze, positions not being filled, and other interesting happenings. Looks like in March they downsized or offered packages too? Anyone know what’s going on or what the higher ups are... — read more 

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Stability no more

There was an all sales call early March stating a reorganization and to expect notification in 2-3 weeks to see how you fit into the new structure. Mars Wrigley TSM position is no longer a stable position in the company. It is a shame the TSMs... — read more 

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Layoffs HAVE started

I work for a broker that represents MWC in grocery,the whole Central region was laid off last Thursday. We were told it’s effecting all channels. Grocery,WM team,MWC direct & the C store small format. No one saw this coming! This was made into a... — read more 

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