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Am I losing it, or is the thread about corporate vp from yesterday/this morning gone?

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We all know the new Chairman of the Board is running the company.
If he wants you gone, you’re out.

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New COB can't have dirty laundry.................

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Yes gone. Wanted update or more info... So prob sooner than later expecting layoffs...maybe

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See below

not my post

I've been on this site since 2015 (first with Verizon and now with GM) so hear me out:

mods/admins exist, they are silent tho

they delete messages, sometimes in bulk (eg all threads or all messages you ever posted by you or someone else may be nuked)

they block ip addresses, some vpns will not work as they are already blocked

some words are blocked and trigger reviews, try to enter xes in reverse and they'll review you

here are things that will trigger a review,purge or block: swearing, use of names, politics, attacking other people

got blocked once, never heard back from them and had to switch ip

if someone is crossing the line you can report it on the contact page

dont post in weird threads, they may bulk block you (if you do, use vpn)

they really cannot stop you posting, use a vpn and you are ok - if you are using a vpn, dont use bing ones like nordVPN as they have them blocked - pick a smaller providedr

try to avoid any discussion about race or identity groups, they dont f around with that - that's like an instant ban and all your older messages get deleted

i am sure there is more stuff that i am forgetting but this is it in the nutshell...

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