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They are at it again

It starts with a small group

Former Directors has their benefits package significantly reduced. How long until they start to focus on reducing 40hr employees down in hours? Take a 25% reduction in available hours but still remain “full time”.

More great news. (SARCASM)

SW California bombshell: 30 hrs a week will soon be considered fulltime. 40 hrs/week will no longer be guaranteed to fulltime hourly employees


Read between the lines—- “We believe there are significant additional opportunities to further improve and enhance our execution and to identify and execute on additional cost savings and efficiencies that will drive strong revenue and profitability... read more
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Call on 2/28

2018 Q4 call on Thursday. What’s the over/under we hear about “savings initiatives” and come in Friday to more layoffs?

Budget Attainment Committee

The auditing group that is coming around is the Budget Attainment Committee. Came to BGT on slow weekdays making labor cuts. They couldn’t come on Saturday or Sunday when we were slammed and short on labor.
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Plan is working

Whales are dying Employees are miserable Random layoffs Guest comments are bad Stock is tanking Board of Directors you are doing a great job!

Sinking Ship

It’s a sinking ship. Anyone who is not actively looking for work has their head in the sand. Take care of yourself and get out on your terms. Don’t wait for the hammer to fall on you too.

Layoffs are occurring

Layoffs have been occurring since last week. HR Fodd Service and Finance so far. Moral is gone and now this. Good Luck all

Any rumors floating around?

I’ve been hearing whisperings about reductions in leadership out in San Diego. Management has been scrutinizing every single nanosecond of labor used and everyone is being watched under a microscope for the next few weeks. Employee morale is the... read more

More layoffs

10 people at BGT were laid off. Mostly warehouse and security. Many had over 30 years of service.? Any chance you can give us a date on this? Is this from this week or is it from before? If it's from this week, are the layoffs still happening? Will... read more


I recently put my two week notice on my bosses desk. He didn’t care as all leadership is replaceable. I got tired of putting all this hard work in, and all out comes lead to layoffs. You do well in your job, your laid off. You do poor in your job... read more

Profits over people

How do these peolple sleep at night ruining peoples lives. JR is no CEO he is a money hungry piece of sh!t like all other BOD. Union Union Union

Tired of winning?

Here you go... Electric Ocean at our SeaWorld Parks and Summer Nights at our Busch Gardens parks Bier Fest at SeaWorld San Antonio and the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Bring Beer Fest promotion to both parks with an expanded calendar in 2019. Beer Fest... read more

Restructuring 2018/2019

We are being told we are not laying off, but restructuring certain departments. When we are not busy, we don’t need our Safari guides (Peope that greet guests with microphones giving park info) when we’re slow. Plus it’s only a BG thing.

Any details?

Post an hour ago stated layoffs now, but haven’t heard anything at the park or any details. Fake news? Anybody hear anything?

Earnings statement "we remain laser focused on identifying and executing on additional cost savings and... read more

Early November Rumors

Still rumors about another round after the company financial call. Not park-wide but specific departments and mid-level leadership. Also rumors of a leadership rotation at the park president level: San Diego, San Antonio, Sesame Place. All rumors... read more

How many full-time positions are there even left?

Just wondering, since it looks like management will do anything and everything to make sure that you stay part-time, including removing full-time positions altogether. Is this a way to guard against future layoffs? No severance needed for part-time... read more

You will feel better after you left Seaworld

I see everybody getting worked up about potential layoffs. I’m a former employee that quit last year after working more than a year at Seaworld. I shared the same feeling of fear while I was working there before I decided to quit, and I have to say... read more

Who got laid off today?

Oh yeah, nobody, because this forum has descended into garbage speculation by a few mo--ns who think they know more than they do.

October is almost here

Last year major layoff occured in October. Key indicator was benefit enrollment delayed. Anyone know when enrollment starts?

A new perspective on the SAC fraud lawsuit.

I know more than a lot has been said about this, and God knows how badly it affected us during the years, but just came across this article, have to say it was a very interesting read. Fresh view on the whole SAC situation, definitely worth checking... read more

What consumes your mind, consumes your life...

Do you have factual information regarding layoffs in the near future? If your answer is no...get off the message board, stop speculating, stop bringing others down, and be the change you hope to see. It is what it is. Hope for the best and expect the... read more

Is their anyone left who knows how to run a park?

We are open till 6pm on and our restaurant is barley making any money because few people are coming in. My cousin that works in merchandise stand and she says she stands outside for hours for closing shift as they are not making sales either. This is... read more

These are the facts.

Rumors need to STOP. The only definite facts are: 1) Leadership will be laid off again and again and again. When it’s your time it’s your time. 2) Everyone says wait till the next quarter. It does’nt matter. They lay you off during a good quarter... read more

Seaworld is long gone

Seaworld has really gone ghetto, i been here many years and u walk in some of the offices and the carpets are horrible, the paint is coming off the walls , the quality is not here anymore, anyone who gets layed off , they will be doing them a favor ... read more

Sea World Parks & Entertainment

Can anyone confirm additional layoffs? I've recently heard hourly layoffs, but just was thinking it was in reference to the salary layoffs.. Any help to confirm would be great.
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