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Why are you still waiting to be called back???

You have a perfect opportunity to search for a new job while being furloughed and collecting unemployment. You have a chance to find a way to be rid of this place for good! Why waste it by doing nothing but waiting to - MAYBE - return to work at a... —  read more 

How many furloughed people are still out?

When the layoffs start, I'm assuming they'll be the first to go? I'm not trying to fearmonger or be cruel, I'm just thinking that those of us who are back should feel a little safer than those who are still sitting at home, right? Unless fewer people... —  read more 

Rise UP

I worked at SW a long time and never thought unions were a good idea. Till now. After hearing of how the employees are treated now. The city owns that land. Maybe they should look at how it is being run and treating the people who live here and vote... —  read more 

Layoffs coming very soon....

SN was overheard saying the layoffs will be announced soon. We are on pins and needles in the office. Universal and Legoland have announced their layoffs. We are next. Hope she is released after she let's everyone go.

Does SeaWorld have a future?

Enough of these furloughs are being made permanent that I don't even know if SR thinks SeaWorld will come out of covid alive .. Anyone see things differently? Looking for hope in strange places

Attorney to represent us needed.

They have paid salaried and hourly employees severance since the pandemic. Why them and not those still furloughed? We need a legal firm to represent us!!! Sounds like they paid severance to favorites. Sounds like discrimination to me. They... —  read more 

What now?

At the end of this month, no more extra unemployment payout - and so many of us depended on that to survive. What do we do then if we are not called back (and it doesn't look likely that we will be called back any time soon?) This situation is... —  read more 

Possible SWSA shutdown?

Texas is under fire as case rises and Bexar county (where SWSA is located) is quickly rising in cases as well. Any chance you think the park shuts down? Will they allow a single park to shut down or will all other major SW parks need to close as... —  read more 

GoFund Me for a furloughed coworker

We at SeaWorld Orlando know of someone at corporate whose husband was diagnosed with cancer 1 week before being furloghed with no benefits. She has worked here over 30 years. Does anyone know how to contact her?? We want to setup a GoFund Me for... —  read more 

#1 asset is your employees

The problem with allowing a CFO or shareholder to run our company is all they care about is profits. They don't care who they hurt. If you look at the most profitable businesses you will see their employees are happy. Look at Publix. All... —  read more 

Our CEO is SR Puppet

Why doesn't M.S. give us that are furloughed a letter or message? He does everything mean S.R. says. M.S. you have children would you like them treated this way. Be nice and let us know if we can have hope. How do you sleep at night? Be nice. I... —  read more

can someone start a Disney has one saying they no want to go back to work yet. It is on the news. Can we have one saying we want severance or to know when we will return? Seaworld doesn't care about us. No communication to us. Our... —  read more 

Interesting read.


Please check this out. It may apply on the case.

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Stop expecting to be called back

Seriously, people. If you haven't been called back by now, you have higher chances of not being called at all than receiving that call you are so hoping for. If you're smart, you'll start looking for something new right away. Don't let yourself... —  read more 

Juneteenth Holiday

Now that it appears Juneteenth will become a state and federal holiday, will SEA celebrate the holiday and will they return one of the five optional holidays they took away? A: Yes to the celebration if its an opportunity to make $$$$ What does... —  read more 

Class action question

Curious if anyone else still furloughed is getting pummeled by attorneys and journalists for new and older unsettled cases or stories? In 13 years I've never been approached before so i'm wondering if there is some type of list of us going around?

Still Furloughed

That moment where you are still furloughed and get a notifications of BG job postings....

So when does this new point system go into affect?

And why is no one talking about the point system??? I personally think it's about time, but weird there has been no vocal communication about it, except in the new Employee Handbook you are required to sign off on.

They can do whatever they want

And I'm not just talking about layoffs with or without severance. They can now mistreat employees however they please because they know we don't have an alternative. The economy is in the c-apper, everybody is laying off, very few if any are... —  read more 

Tampa Bay Times

You can't know there'll be no severance

Unless you've heard it directly from somebody high up in the company - which I highly doubt - you can't know for sure that these layoffs will have no severance attached. Yes, you can speculate, but please stop stating it as fact. Nobody knows yet... —  read more 

Are we returning to work?

Some will, some won't. What do we know? The parks furloughed more than 90% of its labor force due to the pandemic. Furloughs can last up to 12 months. The parks had millions in expenses while the parks were closed - even closed... —  read more 


Anyone heard any updates this week? More call backs or confirmed layoffs?

Deleted Posts

Just noticed they are deleting more and more posts. So much for Freedom of Speech.

BGT and AI

Let's hear from the BGT and AI people. Who has been called back? Who has not? What rumors have you heard?

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