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Great Company

Q1 results were positive, 34,000+ animals rescued and things looking up! Blessed to work for such a great company.

BAT takes over

Be prepared for more layoffs in San Diego. These people put in place to continue cuts with no regard to how it will affect the running of the park and all they see is an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Board Member Tours Park

Scott R and Walter tour SW SD yesterday with the park president and park VPs. Scott looked at everything and was yelling at the group at one point. there was speculation he was going to let more go. did anyone hear more about it? was anyone let go?

More problems

Expansion Plans

Rats abandoning a sinking ship?

In orlando word is going around that the VP of culinary is quitting. Then the communication meeting that was already scheduled once was outright cancelled. This combined with additional whispers of another wave of cuts coming isnt a good sign.

The company that gave up its core for money.

This has been along time coming SeaWorld rolled out that pay raise I do belive that they need it more than the employees. After three years all most people got was a quarter most companies with half a brain would have been stockpiling that three... read more

Any layoffs today?

Don’t see anyone mentioning anything happening today, so I’m thinking: Are layoffs over at least in this wave, ore have they been done but people simply didn’t post on this board? If you know about layoffs occurring today, please post. What locations... read more

Where is all this going though???

Amid all the layoffs, budget cuts, and getting rid of "un-needed" positions...SW is building a brand new, huge, Corp office building , that you know they are throwing money at, have plans for new coaster this fall and opened a new ride at AO, and are... read more

4/12 Layoff Compilation Post 2.0

The other post was buried and had too many replies. Rumor of 91 layoffs, only 70 confirmed so far. SWO/SD hit the most, mostly zoo and supervisors/long time hourly employees. BG Tampa: 4 total ? - Ride Maintenance ? - Park Services Warehouse Raises... read more

Employees lunch (Orlando)

6 bucks for one scope of rice one scope of beff stew 2 ears of corn one soda. But they claim not for profit BU.. S... Companies that lie to employees top 10 list. They have mastered the art of deception but with the average employee that they hire... read more

SeaWorld parks

SeaWorld lays off undisclosed number of workers in 'efficiency' move “Like most companies, we regularly evaluate operations to ensure we are properly organized for performance and efficiency,” Suzanne Pelisson-Beasley said Saturday. “As part of those... read more


Remember in a few years the park is going to have to pay EVERYONE at least $15.00 an hour due to SD voting in the raise in minimum wage.

How far will they go with layoffs?

I understand that the layoffs are move that was influenced by panic in the urge to save costs, rather than they were a product any form of a strategic schrink. In that light I wonder how far will they go with layoffs? How many people are we talking... read more


So does anybody know what positions were cut at San Diego I've heard several different things but not sure about other departments. I know ATT and supervisors it shows Department Our God anybody know who else or what other departments

413/2019 Layoffs

Entertainment, Operations, Merchandise layoffs today. More to come.... Corporate has been untouched.

Busch Tampa

Several positions in warehouse and rides maintenance let go this morning.

Making full time into part time

I heard they are laying off PQ night crews. Offered to bring them back at lower pay and switch them to days. Make full time part time. Any truth to this? Talk about a sneaky way to royally screw over employees. I'm curious, if this really happened or... read more

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