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Feb 25th - Corporate

Special shout out to Corp for providing their people the beads and donuts, while utterly ignoring the orlando park today even though it's in your backyard. We supply all your food via crews, maintenance work through PE, security guards and more. I... —  read more 


Does anyone recall the ethics "training" that was required either once or every other year? Has this been eliminated? At one time there was even a hotline. There was a directive, that if not illegal is at least unethical, followed by "your opinion... —  read more 

More Cuts

Just when you think you have been cut to the bare bones they “find” more. Just know that every hour and every position that your Sr Leaders are cutting = bonuses in their pocket. Disgusting!


Something big is coming...

Leaders from Entertainment, Marketing, and Plant Engineering have already put in their resignations this year at SWSD. Some leaving without jobs to leave to. It’s THAT bad here. Are they leaving because they know another round of Layoffs is... —  read more 

Fringe Benefits in W-2

What is the Fringe Benefit listed at the top of our W-2 referring to? -Former Director that said “deuces”

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Culinary is next!

They are working on the plan and models right now. Outsource as much as possible to trim down the employee labor force. Less employees =Less benefits = less cost = more profits for Private Equity king pin Hill Path.

Salaries Paid Time Off

This email was sent to all salaried leaders yesterday. Talk about adding insult to injury. SEA Leaders, Effective January 1, 2020, we have transitioned our salaried workforce from a traditional time-off model that designated the type of time... —  read more 

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Corporate issues a restriction on “available” raises. Must find faults to keep costs down.

Are we losing our discounted tickets?

Have you looked at your ticket benefits yet? There are no more discounted ticket options, or the ability to purchase discounted discovery cove tickets. Wonder if it’s a system upgrade or did they take these benefits away from us without announcing... —  read more 

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Article nails it


Finally pulled the plug - I’m done!! This company doesn’t deserve any of the great people it has working for it.


In most states, including Florida, private sector employers are not required to provide vacation, whether paid or unpaid, to employees. Therefore, employers have significant discretion in developing vacation and personal leave policies that best fit... —  read more 

Next Year

There are always possibilities for more. A lot of what we heard prior of them looking at assistant sups/sups/managers has not yet occured. The only real thing they dealt with was the call center. They've done layoffs later than this before so nobody... —  read more 

Last Resort

Anyone know a union rep?? If our senior leaders won’t fight for us, then what choice do we have?

Use Your Sick Time

Don’t forget, use it or loose it! Use all your sick time before the end of the year!

Thank you to those that remain

My heart is broken for those that remain. Thank you for staying and taking care of the animals. I frankly don't care about the rides, but my heart will always be with the old Sea World. I love those animals and I love of you that have stayed... —  read more 

What they won’t answer about accruals

With the new PTO policy, you can never actually use the time you are eligible for. The only way to earn enough PTO in their new plan is to work a bunch of overtime. A person 1-5 years of service has to work 16.25 hours to earn 1 hour of PTO. ... —  read more 

Do your job just enough to keep it

Actions speak louder than words. The company has proven they are not sugar coating anything, and they treating us like we are disposable employees. Unfortunately, We still need the money to pay bills for the moment. We are told we are not... —  read more 


I feel if there are to be any layoffs they will come in the next week or two. Haven’t heard any rumors lately. With the new vacation policy and rise in benefits costs they are just waiting for us to cull ourselves

I wonder....

Sure, temporary workers can sell popcorn.....but can they safely open a ride or make a dolphin jump? If nothing else, should be interesting.


All these people complain asking for unions, not realizing how they work or what they do. Have fun getting a sizable portion of your check taken out while not getting any sort of tangible outcome. Then this forum will be filled with people... —  read more 

New Policy

I also have a new policy. If SR wants some work out of me....he has to accrue work time. Work time accrual only happens during vacation time. It's going to take something different to obtain a different result. We've been bent over for a long... —  read more 

Isn’t it Time To be heard??

Ambassadors, it is finally time for us to speak up, not on this site but in person. Voice your displeasure to your leaders, senior leaders, park presidents and even the new CEO. Let him know what is going on from our perspective. He’s new, perhaps he... —  read more 


Salaried were given our vacation information today. It’s not good! I predict an exit for greener pastures which shouldn’t be hard to find. Ask your salaried management 😏

Somethings up

In an up market today, SEA stock dropping like a rock. Does Wall Street know the 3rd quarter was a disaster? Thursday should be interesting for sure.

Corporate in their building at 2am??

Employee s noticed while cleaning the offices at corporate they were having a meeting at 2am , I didnt knowl they came in that early, seems a little strange, but then again we r talking about seaworld, nothing is a suprise

2020 Worthless Insurance Enrollment?

According to benefits, our packets "hopefully" will show up the last week of October. Anyone heard anything on this subject (that doesn't pertain to layoffs.... Anonymous I know). Actually it does, makes some of us hope even more for a layoff! .. —  read more 

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What happened to the post about Aquatica SD ?

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