Topics regarding layoffs at SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

It was time to let go

I was involved in the last round of furloughs. I knew I wasn’t going to return, knew none of us were - but in the beginning I had hope. Then that hope turned to anger, then despair, then sadness. There comes a time when you HAVE to move on because if... —  read more 

Liars for rehiring

My friend who was let go like me tried to work again at sea world so he applied and they said they weren’t going to follow through with the application process but my friend who’s new applied and is in training R U KIDDING ME


Guess what is not legal? Orchestrating and posting positions/hiring for favored people who absolutely do not meet the five day unrestricted availability requirement for new trainers while so many are furloughed. Don't worry HR we all know who... —  read more 


SeaWorld is hiring new employees after mass layoffs SeaWorld Entertainment is in hiring mode shortly after it permanently laid off about 1,900 furloughed employees in Orlando and 1,000 in Tampa Bay earlier this... —  read more 

Funny "Business"

Nearly 1,000 employees lost jobs at BGT in FL. Statements to those affected and to local media all cite "due to Covid." I guess because they winnings so many people they can now afford to buy air time on local radio to advertise that they're... —  read more 

I Support You!

My sympathies to those of you laid off. I support you 100%. You made our visits enjoyable. It is anything but now. I'm still waiting for a large partial refund they agreed to in June. They don't care about their customers, either. I won't be... —  read more 

SWF has gone downhill

I worked in security for 5 1/2 years at SeaWorld Orlando/Aquatica/Discovery Cove and really loved working there the first 3-4 years. I thought the security team really worked together and was a fun place to work at the time. Then they went downhill... —  read more 

Attorney found

I found an attorney who says their firm will represent us. 2 things Our "accrued" vacation hours they didn't give us this year. We acrrued our vacation last year for this year. They didn't change the policy online until February. THAT'S... —  read more 


Did anyone return their paperwork? What is the address to send it to? I hate what they did to us. Other companies have laid-off employees. But they were kinder and more humane.

Do you feel guilty?

Leadership (who are required by SR to read this daily) Do you feel guilty? That you saw them treat us like trash? Yes, others have been let go in the past They were give 2 months of medical. They were given career center help. They were... —  read more 

Leadership challenge

We know from insiders that leadership is required to read these messages daily. If you really care about us, forego some of your salary and give us more severance. Or, send us some of your money...... (not happening because you don't care if... —  read more 

MS is to blame too

Why have so many CEOs walked away? They can't agree with SR. MS doesnt care about us either. He has been here through all the CEOs. Why did he keep most of his finance team? They are playing favorites. SR gave 26 weeks severance to two of his... —  read more 

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HR Contact Info

Does anyone know how to contact HR? I needed to update address info to receive my special letter. I had one number but no return call on the auto answer. Additionally, I tried reaching out to another member of management but haven't heard anything... —  read more 

Old severance details

recently, someone posted the old severance package details online here. Can that person please resubmit those pages ?? My friend ( also a former employee) is talking to a lawyer and he asked if there were any docs about the previous... —  read more 

Is it the same?

I was in the last round of layoffs and was just wondering for those who were asked to return to work and did, how does it feel to be back? Is the atmosphere different than before or just the same ole same ole? Are you glad to be back or do you have... —  read more 

The sooner the better

The sooner the Board removes SR The better for our parks. He has only focused on putting one cheap coaster in each park each year. SR, you know nothing about our industry or our market. We can not compete with Disney and Universal! What drew... —  read more 


I’m having trouble logging into ADP when I put my name and email to view my retirement it says I’m not in the system? How is that so when I used to use seaport to go into ADP all the time?? HELP

It's time to Cancel SeaWorld

Don't support the culture of greed and the shell of a company that remains. This new rich board has carelessly destroyed the lives of those who dedicated their holidays, weekends and best efforts. Animals are not better off under this team. It is... —  read more 


1800 employees are receiving between $2.5 and $3.0 million dollars severance (combined) and many have dedicated their lives to the parks. Yet, a handful of executives are receiving millions each as a payout to remain with the company as SR's... —  read more 

Fair? not so much...

I wonder why they didn’t just ask ALL OF US whether we wanted to come back to work or not? Then see who leaves and keep the ones who said yes and hire people to fill those who left 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m sorry if I sound dumb but it would’ve been fair in my... —  read more 

A real company

Universal is keeping their employees on furlough. SeaWorld anything and everything to screw over their employees once again. Tell friends and family to boycott everything SR. Has to do with and Hill Path as well. Pay him back in his pocket. Let him... —  read more 

No respect

It's been a few days and I'm still seething. This company has shown once and for all that it has absolutely no respect for their employees. I’ve dedicated over 10 years to this place, volunteered to cover shifts, worked longer hours and for what - to... —  read more 

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