Topics regarding layoffs at SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

Post pandemic time

I hoped in vain that everything would get better after the pandemic. Who would have thought that almost nothing here would be any better now than it was during the peak of the pandemic? Moreover, this place seems more toxic to me than ever... —  read more 

SR is pathetic

My entire life was SeaWorld and they through me out like trash. SR you are heartless. You should have imbraced us. We cared about the Parks. MS is a wimp too. He could have tried to keep us.

Big Payday Coming

Anyone else hope the stock market crashes before the higher ups get their big payday next month? How many of them do we think will peace out after they cash in?

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Complete dumpster fire at SWC

It’s basically a money making machine. No heart left. The HR Hiring department was eliminated and outsourced. No employee relations, no employee events, rewards. It used to be a great place to work at with many long term employees. All of the higher... —  read more 

San Diego park Union incoming

Since the park is screwing over those still furloughed and those still working at the park they have left the door open for a union to walk in. There isn’t enough management here to even notice. I know dozens of people have been meeting outside of... —  read more 


If I could now somehow summarize my impressions during the time spent in this company in one word, it would be.................. (fill in the blank). In my case, I would summarize a few of my years here as “misery”. There were better and worse... —  read more 

Stilling screwing is over...

Those who were furloughed (were eligible for unemployment during furlough. Then they were called back and later volunteerily resigned. Those in Florida who resigned after returning are being told seaworld notified DEO they didn't lay them off and... —  read more 

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Furlough Compensation

Were you furloughed by SeaWorld due to Covid-19 and did not receive your last check and vacation pay? By law, SeaWorld was required to pay your final wages and ALL accrued vacation time immediately. SeaWorld was also obligated to offer you your job... —  read more 


California being anti captivity, blackfish, and now covid restrictions? The park is a shell of its former self, may as well just shut it down.

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The end result when you hire people that give zero fu--s.

Are things still the same?

6 months ago I moved to another state and got a job working in a warehouse moving freight. I don’t remember it being as such a horrible place to work but then again it’s all in your perspective. I’m actually thinking of applying part time weekends to... —  read more 

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Any recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good site to build a resume? I know that help is available free of charge at the Department of Labor but I am looking for other options. I want to leave SW so bad I’ve reached a point where I’m just ready to quit but I know I... —  read more 

Can’t keep anyone

LOL at all the open positions posted on their website. Even for Zoo Ops! That’s how you know it’s bad when the animals aren’t enough for the people to stay and deal with their BS….. Shoutout to everyone who has moved onto bigger and better things... —  read more 

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Glad to be gone!

So many of my friends still work for the Orlando parks and are miserable. 60+ hour work weeks, mandatory 6 day work weeks, no vacation time getting approved and a miserable environment where toxicity and un appreciation run rampant. Good riddance... —  read more 

Layoff as an opportunity

No need to despair. After they changed my status from furlough to laid off, I found a new job in record time. I just took it as a new opportunity. I'm almost sure most people would never leave this company unless they were pushed out? If I hadn’t... —  read more 

How long did it take you?

I’m pretty sure that when we got furloughed during the pandemic last year there were many of us who held onto the hope of being called back. Then, after months of waiting, there was no communication to return to work. Some (such as me) didn’t wait... —  read more 

Is SW on resume worth anything?

I wasn't very angry when I got laid off because I wanted it to some extent. I can only say that I was relieved when they told me that they no longer needed me, they helped me make a decision that I could not make on my own for a long time. I turned... —  read more 

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