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Best to come

Wait til not everyone is brought back at the same level as when you were let’s an easy out for a business that wants to get rid of folks. FY will be PT and everyone will lose benefits. The bandaid had been ripped off.....the hard part... —  read more 

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All Leadership should all be laid off!

I was told by my Supervisor In Manta I can’t wear a mask at work and if I had too, I had to go to HR and prove why I had to from a doctor. I went to my area manager and he told me the same thing. Doctors are now telling people masks or any piece of... —  read more 

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401k loan

Has anyone tried reaching out to prudential regarding their 401k loan ? I’ve called serval times and keep getting different answers that don’t seem correct. I don’t want the loan to go in default and ruin my credit.

Florida unemployment

Has anyone applied yet? It kicked me out because we got paid for last week. Do we have to wait until next Monday? $275 + $600 (trump bill) I will make more money than when I worked?? Is that right?

Ambassador FAQs

Did you receive ambassador FAQs today? My contact information is UTD in SeaPort and it wasn't sent to me. And they didn't bother to post to SEA Port - I guess none of us need actually to know the cost of COBRA insurance since we can't afford it... —  read more 

Not just SeaWorld

Appears SeaWorld isn't the only theme park with furloughs.Seems they are the only ones that made the news for it though.Layoffs at Disney. just not publicized.

Don’t wait around

The writings on the wall. The recent 10-K, press releases and furloughs. This company is going to put on a ton of debt to stay afloat, declare bankruptcy to restructure their debt amidst massive layoffs, and blame it on the virus rather than their... —  read more 

Thanks a lot SeaWorld!!

This furlough that I have been given is BS. How is it that making loads of money from Seven seas and building all these new rides and a whole building for the corporate people, but when a crisis like this comes, you can't pay your employees or have... —  read more 

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Furlough time

Phone calls have already started…… People being let go indefinitely. Outstanding morale booster. Why is anybody still with this friggin company?

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Health Insurance

Are we going to be able to keep our insurance? If laid off, can we do COBRA?


Per Scott Ross request, 90%+ will be furloughed without insurance. Good luck to all of us!

Scott Ross will be the end of SEA

Scott Ross will d–k us over. He haz no care or compassion to any of us other than hiz money compared to what the other theme park operators are doing for there employees.

Stay at Home order issued

Mayor has said stay at home until april 9th. There is no way we re-open before that. Time to see if SeaWorld decides to pay any of us full timers going forward. (And yes I know part timers were not getting paid... —  read more 

Disney will be fine. So they lose money on non operating theme parks. With marvel, star wars, and every other IP they own pumping money... they can afford to pay their employees for no work and still be well off once they reopen. Universal... —  read more 

So, how do we weather the storm?

Disney will be fine. So they lose money on non operating theme parks. With marvel, star wars, and every other IP they own pumping money... they can afford to pay their employees for no work and still be well off once they reopen. Universal... —  read more 

SEA CLOSED starting March 16 until Apiril 1, 2020

Ambassadors, Our ability to provide incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for guests is made possible by the work you do in our parks every day. I want to personally thank all of you for the composure and resiliency you have displayed as... —  read more 

Hard to find

Start taking note of how much leadership and corporate you see in the park and in the lounges. It’s okay for them to put us at risk for a buck but I bet you they will be hard to find.

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If Disney closes, we’ll follow suit.

Disney has guaranteed payment for all of their cast members affected by the California closure. Our company has already told parents that they are screwed if their children’s schools are closed for weeks at a time. Pick up shifts they say. Should... —  read more 

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Cost saving suggestions.

Obviously, the crooks in charge aren't very good at finding new ways to cut corners in order to pay all their lawsuit losses. I mean taking away Toilet Seat Covers..... come on! I know this isn't about layoffs, but maybe some of you could avoid... —  read more 

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Class Action Lawsuit Over 401K Rip-off

Current & Former Workers at SeaWorld If you are now in or have been in the SeaWorld 401k plan or had money in the plan in the past 5 years, you may be eligible for reimbursement based on our analysis of your plan’s fees. Check out the latest ad by... —  read more 

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Will attendance sink due to COVID-19?

How will Coronavirus impact your employment with major events being cancelled in Orlando and other cities. Not to mention people becoming hesitant to be in large crowds.

Book titles?

With self publishing these days, I would think that a lot of us have stories that could be told. Any suggestions for book titles? Better to write it now before they lay you off. And yes, I know this is childish....but feel free to use my TLO/SW... —  read more 

Corp IT Resignation

Corp IT lost someone today who has been with the company for decades and knows practically everything about every system. He’s a great guy that will be missed but certainly has calmer waters and a bright future ahead!

A Message from S€#&€ R!¥£&@

Sent: Friday, February 28, 2020 2:28 PM SEA Leaders, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for all the passion, hard work, and focus that you delivered in 2019. In this industry, no two years feel the same and 2019 was no exception. In spite... —  read more 

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