Topics regarding layoffs at Hilton Hotels

Topics regarding layoffs at Hilton Hotels

You can't make stuff like this up

I just read that the entire staff at Hilton Suites at Boynton Beach walked out, causing somebody who was waiting to call the cops. Props to you, ladies and gentlemen. I always say they can treat us like trash only for as long as we let them. I have... —  read more 

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Looking elsewhere

I don't know about anyone else here but if you got laid off feel fortunate. I came back and we are all expected to do so much more with less people. I understand the industry very well, I've worked every department and been in Finance for a while... —  read more 

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“Best ompany to work for”

Got furloughed via automated email and my manager wasn’t even notified. They had to call all of us last night to find out. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Hilton won’t be winning that Best Place to Work award from Fortune for a third year in a... —  read more 

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Put on furlough. Smh. I am bored and depressed. But we have to wait until this war is over. I hate it. Never saw this coming.

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And the pain is just starting... Things are bleak... Christina Navarro, a housekeeper at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California for 15 years, has seen her scheduled shifts dwindle. I have an elderly mother in El Salvador who I have to... —  read more 

Hilton Furloughs

I think furloughs are coming. There will be no pay but you get to keep your health benefits. Most Hilton folks have little to no savings and this will be really bad for all of them. Good luck all.

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