Topics regarding layoffs at Choice Hotels International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Choice Hotels International Inc.

Typical Choice hotels

Choice hotels in the last three years has had some of the best years in its history. The Choice hotels executives will tell you that it’s all because of their people. Yet when things get hard this is what they do. They start laying people off. They... —  read more 

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choiceEdge layoffs coming!

A large portion of the Choice IT staff has been working on the choiceEdge project for over a couple of years. The project has been very late, over budget and poorly managed from the start; one of the primary reasons that the former CTO lost his job... —  read more 

Technology division layoff

Choice hotels has axed many of the resources in their SkyTouch division, myself included. They issued dismissals on Friday, December 9th, just prior to the holidays. Employees will be terminated as of January 6th

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