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L3 had always been a profit driven corporation as a holder of smaller businesses competing in the defense industry which made money to keep the bottom line up, the price of the stock and returns for investors.

Harris under the direction of Joseph Boyd and later Phillip Farmer were able to run a company with results are care for their workers.

After the passing of the original members of Harris, William Brown quickly stepped in to "sell" the company, use your googilizer, he is on the board of several other companies, its all about the bottom line and the investors. No one cares about the workers.

See where Christopher Kubasik fits in?

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My prediction, Brown will leave shortly heard he is interested in politics.
Not unlike what his chosen successor did at L3, will sell the merged corporation.
He demonstrated that he couldn't take a corporation 2x the size of Harris to next level.
My prediction, he is already looking for the merger partner.
100 years for Harris. Won't make it five more years as stand alone.

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Hopefully it will be better than the quasi mafia culture the east coast baby boomer A holes created at L3 and plagued the SLC site with the past 3 years.

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