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Maybe just maybe the high cost for dsd wouldn’t be so ridiculous if you didn’t allow everyone to camp out in the same position for their entire career. Should have hired people with more ambition and long term goals. Paying some of these cookie slingers upwards of $80,000 a year plus bonuses plus a car and all the benefits is just hilarious to me. No wonder our part timers barely have any time in stores to do their job correctly 🤣🤣🤣

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How about all the nepotism and favoritism involved in the promotion "process?" This company has always been a good old boys club. If you aren't part of "their" group, you have NO chance of getting promoted. They promote friends, relatives, and POC. The small chance someone has a chance at a promotion, and to get it you'll have to move cross country. Only those in the "club" get to promote and stay.

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You may want to get your story straight before posting something!! Lots of reasons why reps stay reps! Ambition hasn’t nothing to do with it!
Two quick reasons come to mind....
On my team, nearly all the reps are grandfathered, they have no bachelors degree. Therefore, they are locked in their role!
Secondly, and pertaining to me, my spouse makes 4 times as much money as me and we have kids in school! Simply won’t move. Once you take another position you are vulnerable to getting moved all the time! Staying in my role I’m protected. I don’t have to move, and with tenure they can’t make me.
Think before you speak! Now, tell us why you sling cookies for $12 hr and have no chance to move up? That’s the real question!

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